Scott Macadam, Transformation Manager, talks about how we’re developing colleagues for the future.

“The launch of our new membership was such an important milestone for the Co-op. A real marker in our journey to Rebuild the business. It’s the culmination of 18 months hard work from colleagues across the business.

The change we’ve gone through in that time can’t be underestimated, but change is inevitable in a business this size and in the competitive world we live in. Delivering large scale change is something we’ve not been great at in recent years, something we were unable to handle.

Our recent success proves we’re getting better at it – but we need to continue improving. In the past we’ve tended to work in silos with pockets of good things going on but everybody working in their own way.

Programme and Project management isn’t rocket science – it’s a way of doing things – it’s a method. We want people across the business to speak the same language and to use the same tools and techniques.

It helps from a leadership perspective when people are talking about the same things in the same way. It also helps colleagues in their careers at the Co-op because they can move between business units and functions without having to learn a new way of doing things.

Investing in the future

We’re all aware our colleagues are our greatest asset – that’s why almost 70,000 have spent the last six months experiencing one of the biggest engagement programmes in our history – reminding all of us why we’re different.

Now it’s time to build on that and invest in upskilling our colleagues to deliver our transformation plan. It’s fair to say that the change agenda next year will be even bigger and more complex than before so there has never been a better time to invest in our internal change capability.

Yesterday (4th October) was the launch of a new Learning and Development programme to 250 people with transformation and change-type roles in the business.

This is about sustainment, not going back to the old ways. It’s about us continuing to raise the bar and challenging each other to continually improve.

It will be really powerful and effective from a leadership perspective – if you’re going to lead a programme or project, this is how you do it, this is the method you follow and the language you use.

It’s going to be a journey – it’s not going to be the silver bullet from day one, but eventually we want it to be part of the way we do business at the Co-op.”