Here’s a sneak peek for colleagues of our approach to help tackle the cooking skills gap, which we identified back in October together with SORTEDfood, the world’s most engaged YouTube food channel.


The site is a free cooking course that gives you the basic techniques you need in order to cook most things. Through video, this course shows new and experienced cooks how to master the essential skills of cooking. The site includes a range of recipes that use various techniques, so you can try out skills and get cooking right away.

From next week, when the site launches fully to the public, you’ll also be able to use some social sharing features to show off what you’ve achieved. As you master different recipes, you can then come back for more to up your food game and increase your repertoire in the kitchen.

Ben from SORTEDfood shares his analogy of music chords and basic cooking skills to explain what aims to achieve in this short video, recorded during a live cooking demonstration for colleagues at 1 Angel Square.

Why we’ve done this

One of the core principles of the Co-op is to encourage self-help and self-improvement. Back in 1844 this involved having classrooms above Food stores. Now Cook it brings this principle into the 21st century, by helping people with their core cooking skills, which in turn could help with food budgeting and healthy eating.

It’s not about being preachy, but is providing a service that can really help people make better choices when it comes to food.

Launching to customers and members

We’re launching to customers and members online next week – as that’s where our audience are and we can bring them over to the site with a click of a button. This is going to be supported with a tour of universities, showcase events with bloggers and online influencers as well as in-store materials to get the word to even more people.

The launch campaign is built around using this site to ‘up your food game.’ So, whether you’re a novice or a competent cook who wants to learn more, you’re going to find something useful here that will help you master your kitchen. Please do start spreading the word with friends and family who you think might benefit too.

Abs Dey
Product Manager,