Our own brand tuna is already caught responsibly – by pole and line, not nets. We’re now increasing our responsibility in this area to make sure that our fisheries are also either MSC (Marine Steward Council) certified or part of a FIP (Fisheries Improvement Project). Plus, in a first for UK retailers, we’re asking to our branded suppliers, John West and Princess, to also source to the same standard by the end of 2017.

We know consumers are rightly concerned about fish stocks and the methods used to catch fish. We’ve been a leader in sustainable tuna sourcing but have now extended our commitments by setting out clear expectations for branded tuna suppliers because of concern from consumers about protecting tuna fisheries for future generations.

Both John West and Princess are supportive of our move and are on track to meet our requirements by the end of the year.

This is a great example of us doing what matters most and showing we care as we continue to demonstrate a better way of doing business for our communities – not just where we have shops, but throughout our supply chain.

Further info: read our full press release

Cathryn Higgs
Head of Food policy