Have a look at our new free online cooking site Now Cook It that launches to the public today. Make sure you know what it’s about so you can share it with a family member, friend, member or customer who you think might like some help to up their food game.

Creating this site builds on our traditional Co-op value of self-help. The site puts core cooking skills and easy to follow, video assisted, recipes into the hands of novice and aspiring cooks across the country. This is something you can dip in and out of, or follow through as a course and share progress with friends.

Partnering with SORTEDfood – the world’s most engaged with YouTube cooking channel – we’ve created this site to help tackle the cooking skills gap: where young people are increasingly losing the skills to cook from scratch. We’re supporting people to learn new skills, put those skills to the test by following recipes and then go on to increase their culinary confidence in the kitchen. This can help people manage their food budget better and create healthy and nutritious food to reduce the reliance on ready meals or eating out.

So head over to and spread the word.

You can watch what the guys from SORTEDfood had to say about the site at the recent colleague launch in Manchester:

In the spirit of succeeding together, what’s your cooking top tip that you’d like to share with others?

Abs Dey
Product Manager, Now Cook It