Dear Colleagues

Talkback results are out today. Your manager will receive the report for your area and share the findings with you.

For the first time we’ve created a short Talkback video that shows the results for the whole organisation and uses comments from the survey to give a picture of what our colleagues told us. Our overall engagement score (how good we feel about working here) was up 4 points to 78%. That’s the highest it’s been since 2010.

Talkback priorities across the Co-op, and at local level

In light of the results, the Group Executive has decided we’ll focus attention on the following:

  • Colleague welfare – increasing safety and reducing bullying, harassment and discrimination. We are already good in these areas, but we need to be brilliant
  • Ways of Being – ensuring that our leaders are role models for the behaviours that we want all colleagues to adopt
  • Performance management – ensuring colleagues are clear about our expectations of them and supported to deliver to the best of their ability
  • Involvement and our “freedom formula” – spotting opportunities for you to get involved in shaping our plans and using your judgement and creativity to a greater degree

So those are our priorities across the Co-op. It’s also important that your team creates a local action plan based on the results in your area. Using the information from your Talkback report, please reflect on what’s working well and not so well where you are, and think about what could be done to improve things. There’s an A3 poster that helps you do this by providing key survey scores, an action planning format, and guidance for leaders. This can be displayed in the workplace, helping you and your colleagues keep track of progress.

A final point – the survey suggests that many colleagues have some doubt about whether what they told us will be acted upon. I assure you the Talkback results are high on our leadership agenda, and are being shared with the Group Board. They couldn’t be more important.

Richard Pennycook
Group Chief Executive

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  1. I work on 6-2 shift so can only comment on that. Main problems are an unrealistic pickrate that can only he achieved by overstacking and cherry picking pallets. Only people subject to PIPS are pickers aswell. All other departments are basically left alone. Obviously anybody would agree that this stinks and wud leave a bad taste in the mouth of anybody who is coming to work covering over 10 miles a day while pulling pallets round. This has been pointed out numerous times but it appears nobody is interested. Also lately to add to this there has been problems with the system slowing down and hand scanners logging off on piclers throughout the shift. But PIPS is still being enforced. There are no words really and in my opinion only a matter of time before the staff should get together and do something themselves to stop what is going on because its not right and the overiding feeling is that the people above can do what they want

    • Hi Aaron Really sorry to hear you feel this way. That’s why Talkback is so important. I hope you used Talkback to voice your concerns? I’d encourage you again to speak to your line manager. And if you feel they aren’t listening, I’d encourage you to call the Employee Assistance Programme if it’s affecting your working environment. Visit this page for details

      Hope this helps


  2. When are the results actually going to be published? Nothing seen in our depot yet

  3. Hmmm . Interesting timing.

    Talkback comes out and then the redundancy notices .

    Talkback action plans will be the last things on the mind of Warehouse staff at the moment.

  4. I’m encouraged by what you say Richard but there’s a lot to do and a generation of managers who have learnt that “kiss up and kick down” is a success formula at the Co-op.

    With the changing mood music in 2017 , going back to hearing “Money’s too tight to mention” , the scores next year are bound to be worse than this year.

    Managers might want to do something to respond to talkback but the bigger imperative is to obey rule no 1 and “keep the boss happy”.

    How could they do anything else ?

    • @MATT – I think you’re being a bit negative. The Co-op isn’t perfect but at least it’s here after some terrible years recently and those at the top are trying to make changes and we’re lucky to have them.

      There is a lot of resistance to overcome from managers who think they have better things to do than worry about talkback (especially when the scores have gone up) but you have to hope this year will be different.

      Don’t let your experience of some managers get you down too much!

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