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We’ve made some improvements to the benefits we offer from Funeralcare to all colleague members and their families.

I realise talking about your own or a loved one’s funeral is not easy or something you particularly want to do. But I also know how important your colleague benefits are to you, and so I want to share news of something we’ve put together to look after you and your family should the worst happen.

From Monday 27 February colleagues will receive a £500 discount on funerals for immediate family members if they choose Funeralcare.

And if the worst happens and you pass away while being employed at the Co-op, we’ll not charge for your funeral, apart from third party fees.

When the unexpected happens, you and your family can rely on being looked after by your colleagues in Funeralcare. I couldn’t be more proud of the caring, professional and sensitive service we offer and our commitment to do the best for each and every family we support.

Please see full details including terms and conditions

Extra benefits for Pre-paid Funeral Plans

With a Pre-paid Funeral Plan you can arrange and pay for a funeral in advance, taking away much of the worry for your family. Our range of plans let you go into as much or as little detail as you like from choosing funeral vehicles and flowers to your favourite music and alternative places to be buried.

As a colleague member when you buy a Pre-paid plan for you and your close family, you’ll get an extra £250 discount plus the 5% back as a Co-op member. To redeem this offer please quote the discount code: FNCCOL-17 when applying online or in one of our funeral homes.

That means for colleagues the starting cost for a Funeral Plan would be £2,745 and of course all our plans are fully guaranteed meaning there won’t be another penny to pay however far into the future it is before the plan is redeemed.

Our colleagues are at the heart of our Co-op so what better way to show we care by helping you and your families at what would be a very difficult time.

Richard Lancaster
Managing Director, Funeralcare and Legal Services

See our frequently asked questions on our Pre-paid Funeral Plans webpage.

These benefits will be available to all colleague members from 27 February 2017.

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  1. I note this temporary discount offer does not alter colleagues terms and conditions of employment. Are you sure you have thought the real implications of this through. What happens to people primed to think their loved one would benefit from this by the hou how you make on lauching this find it has been quietly rescinded???

    Why give a smaller discount for a colleague prepaying a funeral and a bigger one for after the death payment. While perhaps more keenly needed then, surely the incentive should be the opposite, to provide forward for the future (and provide the society with a juicy life insurance policy to profit from) rather than provide after the fact.

    All in all I am astonished this is a new thing. Why have a society run funerals business at all if the societies colleagues don’t get benefit from it in the form of a discount on something so emotionally significant with it? All or most colleagues have life assurance, so there will be co-op funds going somewhere to pay for some form of service of commemoration; why not try to keep that within the co-op? Some societies offered long term trading members of 30+ years discounts of over 55% when they died in the depths of time…

  2. Is there any reason we don’t have funeralcare leaflets for staff and customers in our food stores? Obviously can’t advise/sell but maybe the leaflets could direct customers to nearest funeralcare outlet?

    • Hi Richard. Speaking with my Funeralcare and Food colleagues your timing is excellent as this is being looked at. It’s something we used to do (there used to be Bank flyers in store, but since the separation, that’s not relevant now). Of course, the tricky thing is to make sure that colleagues in store are equipped enough to answer any questions that a customer/member may ask them when they see the flyer – and of course the subject matter is a difficult one to cover if not fully prepared. But absolutely the principle is right… we’re one Co-op, a family of businesses, and we should look to raise awareness for our customers and Members of the other things available to them as much as possible (and our Membership offers being a part of that). If you’re in a community with a Food store and a Funeralcare home near each other, why not get together and have a chat to see if you could start something up locally? It’s all about doing what matters most 🙂 But otherwise, we’re looking at something more structured and consistent. Thanks, ^Kevin

    • Should we also put E-Store electrical leaflets in the funeral homes? Perhaps, if it can be done effectively in a funeral home it can be done in other premises, or even billboards outside premises.

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