Here’s a couple of stories that have appeared in the media this week that may have passed you by:

Bigger returns with our Membership card

The March issue of Which? has published a table of how the different store cards all stack up against each other… and our Co-op Membership card has the highest return rate of any of them tested by far.

It compares the return to customers on a £3,508 average annual spend on food and non-alcoholic drinks (in our case, own brand), and shows that our Members will see a return of £175 PLUS £35 to a community cause of their choice. The closest competitors in the table were Boots and Iceland on £140 (with Sainsbury’s and Morrisons at a paltry £18) but nothing for their communities. Which? said Waitrose’s scheme was “too much like hard work” and M&S’ left customers “bemused and mystified”.

This shows how we really are leading the field with a  better way of doing of doing business for our Members.

The Co-op is one of the best-performing retailers in the country

“Co-op may have lost market share but its performance has improved dramatically” reads the headline in Property Week.

Graham Ruddick, also a business reporter for the Guardian, goes on to say, “The curious case of retail statistics brings me back to the Co-op, a brand whose recent success has been lost between the market share data and the Christmas trading figures. Don’t be fooled by the fact that Aldi has overtaken the retailer in the latest set of market share figures or that the big four were so bullish about their Christmas – the Co-op is one of the best-performing retailers in the country.”

He looks behind the headline figure of Aldi’s increase and shows how it’s down to opening more stores at a time when we have sold some of ours as we continue to focus on being the best convenience food retailer.

And the final line in his article should give us something to go for this year: ”the Co-op could cause as much trouble for the big four in 2017 as the German discounter, if not more.”

Happy Friday everyone…

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  1. Brilliant news for our members and better news for all colleagues proud to say I work for coop

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