February 17, 2017

Life begins at 50


67-year old Robert Brown, our 1,500th Funeralcare apprentice

Did you know that a third of the apprentices we’ve recruited since the launch of Funeralcare’s apprenticeship programme in 2013 have been over the age of 50?

We’re already ahead of the game as earlier this month a government adviser urged businesses to employ an extra one million older staff by 2022 to help tackle the growing skills gap and age bias in the UK’s workforce.

Julian Hartley, who works as a Funeral Director at our Rochdale funeral home, was 49 when he retired from a career in the police force and started in an entry level role for Funeralcare.

Recently interviewed on BBC Radio Rochdale following some Funeralcare research on over 50s careers, Julian said: “It was a challenge. I was a supervisor in the police and a lot of time you’re telling people what to do. Then you go from that to people telling you what to do. But the job satisfaction I have in my current role you can’t measure.”

Robert Brown is another fantastic example as one of Funeralcare’s oldest apprentices at 67 years of age. Last year he became the 1,500th apprentice recruited by Funeralcare, the only UK Funeral Director to offer an apprenticeship in Funeral Operations and Services.

“I can honestly say there is no other job I’d rather be doing,” Robert said. “After a 30-year stint with the police, I did wonder how I would find working in funerals, but I love it. I only wish I’d done it sooner. My wife also recently started working at the Margate funeral home and hopes to become an apprentice in the coming months.”

Across other parts of the business our 700 apprentices are flying the flag for the Co-op, celebrated by our recent ranking in the National Apprentice Service’s ‘Top 100 Employers’.

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  1. How do you join this scheme

  2. I started my apprenticeship last March at the age of 57. This will certainly be my last job, I never envisaged enjoying my career as much as I do now.

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