Today I’m starting as your new Co-op Group CEO. I’ve recorded a video message for you which includes some important news about Double Discount this year. Please take a look and share with your colleagues.

Have a good day wherever you’re working. And be Co-op in all you’re doing!


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  1. Congratulations Steve on your new position within the coop, I am interested to see where we go as a company going forward, already in the last couple of years I’ve seen changes that at first seemed overwhelming having been with the company for a while now however soon came to realise that they were both necessary and helpful in making things simpler and easier for both colleague and customer alike, I hope to be progressing myself in the near future, here’s to success and future possibilities, congratulations once again.

  2. Congratulations on your first day, I hope you have a long and enjoyable career. Whilst I would like to congratulate you on Facebook like a lot of my other colleagues, it appears my Facebook account has been blocked by our social media team for simply voicing a constructive opinion about boxing day hours – ironic that at that time you were encouraging colleagues to fill out a Talk Back form and tell you how they feel.

    • Mick, I don’t look after our social media accounts, but I’ll pass your concern to them. However, as you’ve left a ‘no thanks’ email address with this comment,, I’m not sure there’s much we can do to identify yourself and sort this out. If you want to progress this, please can you email the team directly on: and explain your concerns. Thanks, ^Kevin

      • Thank you Kevin, I sincerely appreciate your reply. Although Facebook operates on a ‘name’ basis, i.e the banning and unbanning of a person from a Facebook page is done purely via their name – not their email address – there’s little point in progressing this. If one can create a logical post without any profanity, vulgarity or abuse, and still get banned, then “BeingCo-op” and “listening” are just words that become more transparent. Thank you again for your reply and I hope you have a great day. Mick.

  3. I am a coop colleague in a warehouse.I left a job of 17 years loyal service as a manager and have gained a lot of transferable skills that I feel could benefit the coop as well as gain new skills of the coop way. However,I do feel that coop are discriminate when it comes to age. I thought by getting my feet in the door as the say, I could start a new and rewarding career. I am more than capable of a store mgrs role and have applied for numerous positions but keep getting rejected at application level. So I thought I would apply for assistant mgr role and work my way up to store mgr,but same happens again,can’t even get myself an interview for assistant mgr. When you read the coop way and listen to CEO statement,emphasis is based on young people, I hope my impression of the coop is wrong and that I am given a chance in the near future to prove my skill set and help take the coop forward. Good luck to the new CEO and I hope to have a long career with the coop.thanks.

    • Hi Darren. Sorry to hear about your experiences… all I can really say is to keep on trying – it’s what I’ve done through my career after knockbacks. I’m sure there’s no conscious discrimination going on regarding age as you suggest. Indeed, any CVs/application forms that I’ve looked at in recruiting roles have this information remove as it is illegal (think I’m right in that) to discriminate around age. If you have any evidence to the contrary then I’d suggest that you raise this as a matter of urgency – a starting place would be our Whistleblowing Policy on the colleague site: for all the info you need to raise any concerns in confidence.Thanks, ^Kevin

      • Hi Kevin,thank-you for you reply,maybe am being a little bitter and rejected at the moment,not my intention,i just have so much to offer and miss being in a responsible managerial role,and I feel that maybe am past my sell by date (but am not) your right,keep applying,maybe one day I might get an opportunity to prove myself, thank-you for your response. Darren

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