At the start of Fairtrade Fortnight, we’ve launched our Fairtrade Cocoa report, showing that once again, we’re going further than any other retailer. From now on, all our own brand chocolate confectionary is 100% Fairtrade – and from the end of May, all cocoa in Co-op products will be Fairtrade too.


That means everything containing cocoa – from cakes and biscuits, to the little brown stripe in our liquorice allsorts, and sprinkle of powder that flavours the batter on our frozen cod – will all be Fairtrade.

We’ll be the first supermarket in the world to be fully sustainable across own brand cocoa through our commitment to Fairtrade cocoa farmers. But we’re not doing this just to get ahead of the competition – we’re doing it because it’s the Co-op Way, and because at our 2016 AGM, Members voted overwhelmingly to increase our commitment to Fairtrade.


The new commitment will benefit communities in three main ways:

  • Farmers will get an extra £350,000 a year for community projects
  • There will be a five-fold rise in the amount of Fairtrade chocolate sourced, taking the premiums we pay to Fairtrade producers to around £1m every two years – money that farmers and communities can invest how they see fit
  • We’re going further still, and investing in a new Women’s Leadership School with Fairtrade Africa, to support women in farming what is traditionally seen as a ‘man’s crop’

You can find out more about our Fairtrade products and suppliers, and also download Fairtrade Fortnight campaigning resources on our Food website.