While we’re used to seeing quite a few products and food ranges winning awards throughout the year, here’s a few awards that recognise our colleagues:

Dispute Resolution Professional of the Year: Claire Carroll

claire-carrollStanding out “head and shoulders above the other entries” is how the judges at this year’s UK Complaints Handling Awards described Claire’s journey that she’s taken the Food Customer Care Team on since May 2015. The whole way the team works has mirrored our Rebuild programme by empowering the team to do what matters most and show they care with our customers.

Reaching an amazing 100% shopping retention value post complaint (ie, the people that have complained still continue to shop with us), gaining industry leading customer satisfaction levels and now using the insights gained from complaints to improve what we offer customers, this team are some of our unsung heroes in our drive to attract, and keep, a million new members this year.

Feefo Gold Award for Outstanding Customer service: Co-op Electrical

feefo-gold-award-2017“At Co-op Electrical, customers always genuinely come first and it’s great that the team have been recognised firstly by our customers with excellent reviews, and of course with the reward from Feefo” is how James Holland, Managing Director of Co-op Electrical describes this award. Being themselves always, the customer service team at Co-op Electrical don’t just see and process a transaction, but instead they know that at the end of it there’s an individual just like themselves.

The team make sure that throughout their experience with us, customers’ orders are processed and delivered in the way that we’d want it done ourselves. Being online you can’t always have that customer interaction you can in a shop, so the team make sure that all the bits most valued by customers when buying electricals are covered – from expert knowledge on the website, amazing 1 hour delivery slots to avoid the inconvenience of waiting in all day, and superb after sales care… the team have it all covered.

CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) #InsideStory Award for Best Print Magazine or Newsletter: Let’s Talk About Food

cipr-win-for-ltafThe Food Internal Communications team do a brilliant job of gathering the stories and making them accessible to all Food colleagues with this six-weekly magazine. In the days of all things digital, it shows that you still can’t beat sitting down and flicking through a magazine that celebrates colleagues and keeps you up to date with what’s going on while you grab a cuppa away from the shopfloor.

The award recognises best practice in internal communication and winning is proof that the magazine is outstanding, and among the best in the country. The team said of their win “We want every reader to put the magazine down feeling proud to work at the Co-op”.

Recognising that it’s your stories that really bring it to life, they end with a plea to help us all succeed together: “We always need more stories, so if you or a member of your team have done something great, showed you’re Being Co-op or have a brilliant story idea or way to make the magazine even better, we want to hear from you.” Email the team at:  letstalkaboutfood@coop.co.uk

Well done everyone. And if you or your team have won an award or been recognised, please let us know or share below: communications@coop.co.uk