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It’s been six months since we all started earning 1% for 4,000 local causes across the UK, supporting everything from beach clean-ups in Cornwall to tea parties for the elderly in Tadcaster.

You will already have seen some of the great causes we’ve been supporting featured in the short films created by BAFTA award-winning director Shane Meadows.

By buying Co-op products and services we’ve all helped contribute to the pot for the current causes in our 1,500 communities – money that will help hundreds of thousands of people where you live.

Have you chosen yours yet?

You’ve only got three weeks left to choose one of the local causes in your area before we introduce new causes ready to benefit from our membership on 9 April.

At the heart of any co-op is the idea of all members having a say on the things we do and the causes we champion. Choosing a local cause is just one way you can have your say about the things that matter to you where you live or work.

Have you made your choice yet? Not sure which one to go for?

Find out why some of your colleagues have chosen theirs.

How to choose

Log into your membership account ( Click on ‘See your local causes’ then choose the cause you want to give to.

Great things happen when we work together.

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  1. How do I nominate a charity for the next round of local causes to benefit from nomitations?

    • Hi Philippa. Hold your horses… the next round of local causes to benefit from our 1% Membership rewards haven’t been confirmed/announced yet. When they do, they’ll replace the ones that currently show in your online Membership account and you’ll be able to chose them then. The switch over happens from Sunday 9th April. And if there’s not one in your immediate area that you fancy supporting, then you can now extend your search out to 15 miles away.
      For now, the immediate ask is to make sure that members have actively chosen their cause from our ’round 1′ selection – otherwise any money raised by each member will be split evenly across the two/three local causes shown for their immediate area (which, of course, might be what they want anyway!).
      Hope this helps, ^Kevin

    • Hi Philippa. The second round of local causes has already been chosen and goes live on 9 April as Kevin mentioned. If you have a local cause in mind, from May you can encourage them to apply. Tell them to keep checking back to our website for more details of when to apply.
      Hope that helps ^Rachel

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