Our Co-op’s AGM takes place on Saturday 20 May in Manchester.

You can join us on the day or watch online.

As well as elections for our Council and Board you can vote on motions that will return us to being a campaigning Co-op once again.

If you’re eligible to vote, you’ll receive a voting pack, by email or post, from 20 April and have until 15 May to cast your vote.

For full details on eligibility, visit

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  1. I shop in my local co-op,virtually every day. Hence I know all the staff fairly well.
    The long term employees, are both extremely efficient and make one feel welcome as in ” Lovely to see you again ” Diane,Kim, and Sarah are wonderful ambassadors for the Co-Op brand and as such, I implore you reward these individuals with even with a recognition of appreciation .
    The younger staff,also are serving up the Co-Op ethos . Niall,does a wonderful job,co-coordinating and keeping the wheels running smoothly.
    Once again,I suggest that you show appreciation to all the more recent employees.
    Shawnna,Beth,Jordan,Josh, Alison and any others I have neglected to name.
    I shall be inquiring as to your recognition . As a business owner myself, I learned a long time ago,that a simple, ” Well done, we would like to thank you for your professionalism and loyal contribution, to our organization” Lifts Moral and encourages longevity of staff turnover.
    Happy staff are productive staff.

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