Our Easter campaign officially starts today in Food, with new (and rather stunning) POS live in stores now. For this year’s campaign, we’ve brought back our much loved ‘Be a good egg’ campaign from last Easter. The difference this year is we’re going to trigger more acts of goodness and generosity, and show people how easy it is to be a Good Egg.

Easter POS

We’re going on a good egg hunt

Sound the trumpets, as we’re on the hunt for Good Eggs this Easter. We’re looking to find those kind and thoughtful people who brighten each day, think of others before themselves and are always happy to help whenever you need support.

“But what exactly is a Good Egg and how can I be one?” we hear you ask. Well, there’s three ways you can be a Good Egg…

Do Good – Have you seen or heard about someone doing a selfless deed? Share the story and don’t let it go unnoticed

Give Good – This is where you can really get into the spirit of our campaign. If you’re feeling generous, why not treat your nearest and dearest this Easter. Our toffee infused Chaos Cheesecake is really something (hint hint)

Feel Good – By simply being a member and buying Co-op own brand products you’ll be supporting causes in need in your local community

Coming to a store near you

Easter eggs

This year’s Easter range features some incredible products that are a treat for all the senses. As you can imagine, there’s a strong focus on our 100% Fairtrade chocolate – we’re expecting our Irresistible Easter eggs, which includes our sweet filled piñata egg and devilishly moreish salted caramel chocolate egg, to fly off the shelves.

Easter Chaos Cheesecake

After something a bit different this year? Our vanilla and chocolate Chaos Cheesecake features hidden pockets of rich toffee sauce and is set to be a real winner with the family.

Easter hot cross buns

And of course it wouldn’t be Easter without hot cross buns. If you’re looking for the best of the best, then look no further than our Irresistible, richly fruited sourdough hot cross buns.

What you’ll see and where

There’ll be lots of activity, launching 3 April, including outdoor, print, digital advertising, local activity and in our Food magazine. Not only that, but you’ll also hear us on the airwaves.

We’re teaming up with Magic, Absolute and Key103 radio stations, from Friday 31 March to 17 April, to search for the UK’s Good Eggs and give listeners the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to their Good Egg with some Co-op vouchers. Be sure to listen out for our Good Egg Hunt!

Calling all social butterflies

There’ll be lots of egg-citing activity taking place on social media too, where we’ll be sharing people’s #GoodEgg stories and giving them the chance to reward the good eggs in their life with the perfect gift.

Get involved!
Tell us about the Good Egg in your life, including how you’re going to say thank you this Easter. It might be making the tea round for a week, or even surprising them with hot cross buns – it all counts and we’d love to hear about it!

You can tell us by heading over to Facebook @coopukcolleagues, from Friday 31 March, and using #GoodEgg.

The Easter eggs-travaganza doesn’t stop there…

Easter taste team

Taste and Tell is back on Wednesday 5 April and on the menu is our Irresistible Piñata Easter egg and Fried Egg Easter egg.

Included in the Taste and Tell box will be a tasting guide with our Fairtrade cocoa story and some special stickers to reward the Good Eggs in your team.

Enjoy tasting the products and tell us what you think at coop.uk/tasteandtell, with your ‘Tellfie’ bubble and shelf talker. Don’t forget to share your photos and comments on social media with #TasteAndTell too.

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  1. I’ve just read about the good eggs in my life and I would like to nominate my girlfriend claire. I am currently out of work at the minute and have no money. Claire used all her birthday money to get my children her step children Christmas presents and has took out a loan so I can start my own business. I just can’t thank her enough.

  2. That’s a lovely thing to do Mark. ^Rachel

  3. I have just seen the Good Egg Easter article, I myself buy each year a number of Easter Eggs from the Real Easter Egg Company and then distribute them to children. These eggs come with a little booklet telling the real meaning of Easter. As Easter is very important in the Christian Calendar and is slowly being eroded.

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