This week a couple of examples of how our colleagues shine when things go wrong… and praise from the Prime Minister.

Doing what matters most after an explosion

image003You may have seen on the news last week about the explosion that destroyed a dance studio in New Ferry, Liverpool. One of the buildings also affected was a charity shop that brought in funds for Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary, one of our local causes in the area. They rely on this shop for the money to pay vets’ bills for their animals before they get re-homed.

Recognising the difficulties this will bring them, we’ve made an extra donation on top of the money being raised through members’ 1% rewards to help them through this difficult time.

Plus, we also have a Funeralcare home there that was affected too. The team there did what mattered most in looking after those in their care and their families, and also arranging donations of food and drinks for those evacuated into emergency shelters at the time. A great example of everyone pulling together when disaster strikes.

Kerbside claims handling

image007Katya Nechay-Frith of our Insurance Claims Department (pictured) certainly did what matters most when she helped out a victim of a crash at the roadside. It was a rainy winter’s day and Katya was waiting at her bus stop when a lost looking man came to ask if he could borrow her phone. He’d had a car accident and wanted to ring work to say he wouldn’t be back in soon, but Katya took a moment to reassure him and calmly suggest, with her insurance head on, that he needed to ring his insurer. Luckily, he was insured with Co-op, so Katya then took it on herself to register his claim there and then. But Katya didn’t stop there. She not only arranged the recovery of his vehicle, but she also got a taxi sorted for him so he could get back to work.

Katya also followed up the claim back in the office and we’re glad to say that it all went through OK. You can watch Katya tell her own story on YouTube. That’s certainly customer service above and beyond.

Prime Minister praises our Co-op

image009The recent announcement of Co-op’s new policy to assist bereaved parents with children’s funeral costs continues to attract attention with politicians and the media, including worthy recognition from Prime Minister Teresa May this week.

At Prime Minister’s questions on Wednesday (which you can watch on YouTube – this discussion is 21m 40s in) Co-op Funeralcare was recognised for its support for bereaved parents by Prime Minister Teresa May who in speaking about children’s funeral costs said “I welcome the decision that has been taken by the Co-op to waive the funeral fees.”

As a further demonstration of the Co-op Way, the announcement has also been followed by Welsh Government who on Saturday announced that they would be waiving local authority fees for child burials. A true example of our Co-op leading the way.

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