Today’s another milestone for our Co-op as we launch the first stage of our recruitment drive for a nationwide network of 21st century Member Pioneers. 

Can you help make things happen?

We’re looking for special people who share our passion to make great things happen locally. Member Pioneers will bring colleagues, members and local causes together. They’ll know how to listen and inspire other members in their communities to get things done.

They’ll visit food stores, funeral homes and local causes – helping to arrange joined up activities that involve everyone in the community and focus on the things that matter most where they live.

We’re starting small and recruiting Member Pioneers in 70 communities. We’ll introduce them at our AGM on 20 May.

By the end of 2017 we’re aiming for 400 communities and by 2020 we hope to have a Member Pioneer in all 1,500 Co-op communities working with members and colleagues locally.

If you know a member in your community who’d be a good fit, want to find out more about the role of a Member Pioneer, or are a colleague member who’s interested in this opportunity, please make sure you visit

Why are we doing this?

Our focus on communities isn’t just about the 1% – the money we, as members, can give back to our favourite local causes. Money matters, but people are the real drivers of change.

We recognise how important it is to support our communities practically – encouraging people to come together and developing deeper relationships with colleagues, members and local causes to create one Co-op.

Our new Member Pioneers will be crucial to that.

Dates for your diary

We’ve got an exciting month ahead:

  • 8 April – is the final day we can choose our local cause online from the current 4,000. Please visit, log in and make your choice.
  • 9 April – the second round of 4,000 local causes goes live and we’ll be encouraging members to choose the cause they want to support this time around.
  • 10 April – applications close for the first 70 Member Pioneer communities
  • From 14 April to 7 May our Join us campaign will hit the nation’s TV screens, bringing together Shane Meadow’s brilliant work with local causes and George the poet’s inspiring words about the power of co-operation.
  • 19 April – Food stores and funeral homes will join together to celebrate the first pay-out to our current 4,000 local causes.

Thanks for your continued support.

Rufus Olins

Chief Membership Officer