For Nicoletta Frattasi-Lane, her Team Manager role in the Customer Contact Centre at Co-op Insurance is more than just a job that she loves. It’s a symbol of a personal connection which runs through her family history, and the source of great pride in her father’s heart.

Family foundations

1961 was a momentous year in the Frattasi household. Nicoletta, the third of three daughters, was born, and her father began working for the Co-operative Insurance Society.

Mr Frattasi wasn’t an official in a suit however; he was a builder, and he and his team were responsible for the bricks and mortar that make up the CIS Tower on Manchester’s Miller Street.

The decorative terrazzo steps and marble walls are architectural features which have stood the test of time, and Nicoletta’s father remains proud to this day of his work (he still brings it up in conversation in 2017!)

Dreams come true

Nicoletta’s father’s dream was that his children would work in this building, and the Co-op has been a constant thread throughout Nicoletta’s life – from childhood trips with her mum and dad to buy her shoes from the local Co-op, to the family’s insurance agent attending her wedding.

And her father’s dream came true 39 years after his employment with Co-op began, with Nicoletta, in his eyes, finally getting “a proper job” by beginning work with Co-op Insurance.

So Nicoletta has seen plenty over the past few decades. She’s hailed the “amazing” changes seen during our rebuild phase, both in her role and in our wider Co-op.

She continues to do what matters most to herself and her father, and even plans on bringing him in to have a look around the old place soon!