The final 1% pay outs to the first round of local causes take place today (Friday 28 April). On average, each of the 4,000 community projects has received around £2,000 thanks to our Co-op Members – that’s £9m in total. For many the money is transformational, for others it will enable them to keep going for another year. For all of them, it will make a significance difference to their work and their communities.

Here are a few examples of how they’re spending the money.

As colleagues and as members of our Co-op we can be proud of what we’re achieving.  And we know how to celebrate too! All across the UK last week we joined with our local causes to mark the pay outs. We think you’ll love this short selection of some of those celebrations.

Thank you again to all of you who’ve been talking about membership to our customers,  getting to know your local causes and celebrating with them. The second round of causes is now up and running. Make sure you select the one that matters to you by logging in to your membership account.

Great things truly do happen when we work together.

Group Colleague Communications