Steve with local butchers Edwards of Conwy

Earlier this week we announced that we’re now the only major UK food retailer to stock 100% British meat.

This really shows our Co-op difference and commitment to supporting British farmers and the communities we serve.

On his travels in North Wales meeting colleagues and local causes, Group Chief Executive Steve Murrells also looked at how we’re supporting local producers and businesses.

He chatted to Simon James, Managing Director of local butchers Edwards of Conwy, whose business supplies all of our stores in the region.

It proves that community is really back once again at the heart of our business. Giving back to local causes through our 1%, supporting British farmers, and embracing local producers, are just some of the ways we’re there for the communities we serve.

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  1. Hi Sharon. Thanks for the positive feedback 🙂 We’re certainly looking at using more digital screens in our support centre but I’ll pass on your idea to our marketing team about using the video in stores. ^Rachel 😉

  2. Love this little videos could we use them in the stores or workplaces that have screens to raise awareness even further?

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