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Yesterday I spoke to The Grocer (and you can read their article here) about some exciting new plans. We’re starting a small trial with McColl’s this summer in 25 of their stores (none of the ones we sold recently), where they’ll be selling a small range of our Co-op branded products. It’s going to be interesting to see how these go down with McColl’s customers.

We all know how great our products are – you only have to look at our announcement this week that all the meat we sell is British to see evidence of our Co-op difference – and now we have the chance to let a new set of customers who don’t shop in our stores try our products too.

We’ll start with a three month trial across a limited range of fresh, frozen and ambient lines. Once we’ve seen how it goes, we’ll think about whether to extend it or try different ways to show off our Co-op difference to more customers. This is just one way we’re looking at to get more Co-op products into more people’s baskets rather than just opening new stores.

Your manager has more information if you need it or post a comment below and we’ll get back to you soon.

Jo Whitfield
Chief Exec (Interim), Co-op Food

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  1. NISA or Waitrose/Ocado?

  2. Southern and Midcounties already do this. The Co-operative Wholesale was a wholesaler to individual and society members for close to a century. In the end both they or we tended to either buy out the managers/owners of the stores in their programs (Midcounties now has 2 stores in Wales) or they close them. The ISMS sometimes even use Co-op Federal (group) Distribution to supply into them

    It would be great to see some co-op products in deprived communities (policy of not opening new stores here since the 1980s) and slightly deprived/too multi ethnic communities ie (store sell offs and closure program, somerfield put out the trash programs) 2015 and 2017-18. We have too many communities suffering from a want of co-operation and too many new housing estates being built each year for our 100 extra stores/ ISMS efforts to fill in the map even in greenfield new urban, new member, members moving into new home, areas. There are even some Co-op Housing Developments or Suma Community Buying Groups with similar values out there which we the group do not co-locate/supply into.

    I just hope Co-op Logistics have the spare capacity to fill the collection, haulage and shipping of stock (co-op brand and not co-op to these pilot stores)

  3. Good idea, but priority must be to have your products available at all times in your own stores. There are too many times when good selling lines run out, not enough stock held of these items, shelves full of slower moving products.

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