Montage of regional celebration day pics - showing amounts raised in the area

Over the past few weeks we’ve published various stories that have marked the £9m pay out to local causes and our celebration day. But we’re also running a series of events around the country to help connect some of our causes, colleagues and local opinion formers in our communities together to celebrate this achievement.

So far we’ve been to Newhouse Depot near Glasgow, Pierhead store in Cardiff and our CLS centre in Bristol (sessions in London and Manchester to come over the coming weeks).

One of the most powerful things these sessions achieved – and no doubt in local sessions right across the UK on celebration day too – has been the chance for our first round of local causes to help the second round causes understand what it’s all about. They’ve also been sharing tips on how they can play a part in getting their own community to become Co-op members in order to help themselves raise even more money.

Everyone who attended appeared to find it a valuable experience as these social media posts from MPs show:

R1 - MP tweets

This all helps us demonstrate how we’re at the heart of our communities and that there truly is a better way of doing business.

Photos of attendees holding up the amounts raised in each area.

Neil Gray MP at our Glasgow eventStephen Doughty MP at our Cardiff eventJack Lopresti MP at our Bristol event