Our AGM (Annual General Meeting) takes place tomorrow at Manchester Central.

It’s held every May and is one of the ways that eligible members can find out more about what we’re doing, and get involved in our Co-op’s democracy.

This year, members can vote for or against our three ethical Motions:

  • Modern Slavery – campaigning against it and helping victims rebuild their lives
  • Packaging – making 80% of ours ‘easy to recycle’ by 2020
  • Fairtrade – continuing our support for Fairtrade producers, as they face increased uncertainty

If you’re coming along, here’s the plan for the day. Remember to bring your Co-op membership card and another form of ID, like a credit card or driving licence.

Watch online

If you can’t join us in person, the AGM will be broadcast live on Youtube from 09:45.




Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. Wait.

    You are giving 16 hours notice?

    Can we have it sorted so we know whether it will be audio/webstreamed a bit earlier next by May?

    • Hi there. This is just a reminder – there have been colleague messages on the intranet, Colleague Facebook and on member emails about how to watch live. Hope you can make it.


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AGM 2017, The Co-op Way