May 30, 2017

Highlights from our AGM

On 20 May, 800 members got together for our Annual General meeting at Manchester Central. It was an opportunity to experience what our Co-op has to offer, hear from our Board, and vote on our motions. The event showed the strength of our Co-op Way in action.

Transcript of the AGM 2017 – Highlights video

Here are some of the big announcements and the films we showed:

Membership makes a difference

Through our 5% and 1% we’ve given back over £37m to members and £9m to over 4,000 local causes. We announced that our first Member Pioneers have started in 64 local communities, and welcomed Lemn Sissay as our Member Pioneer Ambassador. Here’s the Cork family telling their Membership story:

More Co-op Academies

We’re adding two more secondary schools to our Co-op Academies Trust in Oldham and Pudsey. Have a look at the difference the academies are making to children and their communities:

Supporting communities

We smashed our target of £3.5m to tackle loneliness with the British Red Cross and raised £6m. Some of this money will go towards putting in place Community Connectors,  who will bring people together where they live.

crvimagesWe showed our new Community Recovery Vehicles (CRVs) which will be on hand when there’s a major flood or incident. CRVs mean we can give insurance and legal advice straight away with a pop-up shop.


Campaigning Co-op

We want to get back to being a campaigning Co-op – doing things that matter most to our members.

Supporting British Farmers

We celebrated our 100% British Meat campaign, and said how we’re going to boost our support for British farm products by £1bn. That will take our investment over the next three years to £2.5bn.


We want to make 100% of our Food packaging easy to recycle – targeting 80% of it by 2020 (in 2016 it was 46%).


We looked at what our Fairtrade support means for communities around the world.

Helping victims of modern slavery

We talked about our Bright Future partnership with CityHearts and Snowdrop to offer 30 people who’ve been rescued from conditions of slavery in the UK the chance of paid work experience and the opportunity of a job at the end of it. Here’s the powerful story of one of those people:


Find out more on our AGM website and watch the whole event on YouTube