John Hush is a special man. I know this before I even meet him. Words and phrases spoken by colleagues like ‘exceptional’, ‘born to be a funeral director’, ‘there’ll never be anyone like him again’ swirl around my head on the journey up to his home in Berwick upon Tweed. He’s a living legend in Funeralcare.

It’s only a week after his retirement party where, in front of 100 friends, family and colleagues, he was piped into the room by the Queen’s own bagpiper no less. Fitting for a man who’s devoted 69 years to serving our Co-op first as a joiner then as a Funeralcare colleague. I later find out he built the first funeral home he ever worked in. I’m in awe.

Community is everything to John and he’s at the centre of it. In 2011 he was made an honorary freeman of Berwick in recognition of his incredible service to the community both professionally and voluntarily. He gets a bit choked up when I ask him about it.

Add that to his Lifetime Achievement award and his many Long Service awards (which Co-op had to create because they didn’t exist), he’s the epitome of #beingcoop.

My words would never be able to do justice to John. To understand how special he is, you need to hear him. So here he is:

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  1. Mags J
    John and I go back a very long way and he always promised me that he would ‘do’ my funeral! Sadly, now that he has retired, it’s not going to happen!! Ha! Ha!
    Happy Retirement John. x

  2. Like most Berwick people have known John a long time, always a gentleman. Worked next door when in Tweedmouth Main St, many happy coffee mornings!! Very Happy Retirement. Xx

  3. known john a long time as has everyone in the town , absolute legend of a man , wishing him a great retirement

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