When the 2015 floods hit Cumbria, it was heartbreaking for many people. Rolling news coverage showed water pouring in homes, furnishings ruined and the unluckiest people being rescued from their front doors in boats.

For Co-op Insurance customer Mr Dyer-Smith, his home suffered a huge amount of damage. He was out of his home for a year while repairs were done, and his total claim was £101,000.

But through it all he stayed positive and didn’t let it get him down.  He and his wife used time out of their home to visit friends and family, and focused on the changes they could make to their home.  Summing up the experience he says “It wasn’t a good experience  – but not nearly as stressful as what some people went through. It wasn’t financially damaging at all.”

For this, he credits Co-op Insurance for the way his claim was handled proactively and quickly. Unlike others in his community he just didn’t have to worry about the financial side of things. He tells us that the only financial shock was when he renewed his home insurance with us, and found it had only increased by a few pounds – despite a £101,000 claim.

Mr Dyer-Smith recently came to the community launch of our flood plains research in Cumbria. Here’s what he had to say:

On behalf of Mr Dyer-Smith – he’s very grateful to Co-op Insurance, and all the colleagues that helped him and his community after the floods.