Image showing the four store segment types and some key stats about each one

If you’ve ever wondered why the ranges and layouts vary across different stores that you may visit, here is the answer.

All of our stores have ranges and designs to meet the specific need of the type of customer – and the type of shopping they’re likely to do– in different areas. It’s a thing called ‘segmentation’ and we have four core types of shop. Our new Everyday Convenience Urban store type now helps us target the increasing numbers of people who are living, not just working, in urban areas.

For a quick guide to our store types, have a look at the graphic shown below (click on it to open a PDF version) which sets out what they’re targeted towards.

Image showing the four store segment types and some key stats about each one

If you’d like to know more about this, read on…

Urban evolution

Launched in 2015, our work on store segmentation is aimed at helping us become the number one convenience retailer in the UK by really understanding our stores, how customers shop them and what they need.

Introducing ‘Everyday Convenience Urban’ shows how we’re responding to changes in the market. It’s an evolution of our ‘On the Go’ segment and recognises the increase in people living, and not just working, in urban areas – shopping little and often. These stores are in truly convenient locations – from train stations and city centres to student locations – which will attract busy customers in transient or metropolitan residential areas.

These stores will provide a convenience offer with more of a focus on ‘food to go’ and ‘meal for tonight’ shopping missions, while providing improved service for customers who want to get in and out quickly.

Here’s a video showing more about this EC Urban segment:

So what’s changed?

When segmentation was launched, the clusters were Everyday Convenience, Everyday Convenience+, On the Go, Pop In and Local Supermarket.

We’ve refreshed our Store Segmentation approach for 2017, removing the ‘Pop In’ segment, where customers shopped mostly like a newsagent (for newspapers and tobacco) following the disposal of stores to McColl’s, and evolving ‘On the Go’ into EC Urban.

Our segments have now been updated to:

  • Everyday Convenience
  • Everyday Convenience+
  • Everyday Convenience Urban
  • Local Supermarket

Want to find out more?

If you want to know more about using store segmentation in your role, please contact the Location and Portfolio Planning Strategy and Insight team via