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If you like your beer, then we have a couple of nice stories for you this week about some ales that we’ve produced.

From yoghurts to ale – a story of co-operation

Picture of the Manchester Beer week festival aleIn the truest spirit of co-operation, our yoghurt supplier, Yeo Valley, has donated its left over fruit from our production lines to a small brewery, Blackjack, in Manchester to form part of a unique ale that we’ve produced for Manchester Beer Week.

This unusual pale ale will take this fruit, combine it with oat and lactose, to produce a porridge inspired ale. With a 3.5%.ABV, it’s a great choice to start off festival tastings.

Our ale is the official beer for the festival that we’re sponsoring as part of our support to the local community and suppliers. It builds on our existing expansion of local beers around the country which kicked off in Yorkshire in 2015 and now sees us stocking local products from breweries across Lancashire, Cheshire, Cornwall, Devon, East Anglia, London and Wales.

If you happen to be in the Manchester area during its beer week, why not track down one of the venues or local stores that’ll be selling it.

You can read more about this on the blog: Join us at Manchester Beer Week

Members’ own beer

A while ago, one of our Membership ‘join in’ activities was to ask members to create some tasting notes for our new range of own-brand ales. We caught up with Sam Dineley, a member from Bristol, on what he thought about seeing his name on the label of our beer. He talks about what he’s been up to since first replying to a Membership survey through to tasting the range, visiting the brewery and seeing the bottle with his name on being sold in our stores for the first time.

Read the transcript

You can read more about this activity on the blog: Co-op members pen the blurb for brand new beers

Keep an eye out on your Membership account for more great activities for you to join in with throughout the year.


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