The answer is that tonight, they’ll all be on stage at the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg – an annual event around the G20 summit.

Don’t worry, Steve won’t be singing or dancing – he’s there with celebrity campaigners to announce a major new initiative to fight water poverty.

The mission is to kick start the Global Fund for Water – a partnership with the bottled water industry, to raise billions of pounds for water and sanitation in developing countries.

You can watch Steve’s big announcement live on YouTube at around 7.45pm – or catch up on the news and highlights on our colleague website tomorrow.

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  1. Does this policy extend to fairtrade cotton wool on sale in The Co-operative buying group stores.? Great to trade fairly, but cotton is a particularly water intensive water extractive environmental product.

    • Hi there, our efforts to tackle water poverty are specific to Co-op and branded bottled water sold in our stores. For every bottle of Co-op branded Fairbourne Spring water sold we’ll donate 3p to the One Foundation to tackle water poverty in sub-saharan Africa and for every bottle of branded water sold we’ll donate 1p to the Global Investment Fund for Water to support global water projects. ^Jordan

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