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You did it – we’ve signed up our one millionth new member. The end of 2017 was our target to achieve this milestone and we’ve smashed it already. What an incredible achievement.

Here’s what Shelby, 18, our one millionth new member, had to say:

“I joined the Co-op membership after hearing about all the benefits, not only getting money back for myself but also giving to charity at the same time, which I think is amazing!”

Whether you’re one of our sixty Member Champions who visited stores, a colleague from the Support Centre who chipped in through ‘Lend a Hand’, or the stars who work in our stores, funeral homes and contact centres – thank you.

Your enthusiasm has been infectious. You’ve dressed up, dressed down, baked probably near to one million cakes and worked tirelessly with local causes to promote the benefits of membership to our customers and clients.

4.5 million active members

We’ve now got 4.5 million active members who are active in our Co-op. Active means that they’re buying our products and services and benefiting from the 5% and 1%.

Our active members also join in conversations with us through Member Voice, and have a say in how we run our business and the issues we campaign about.

This is just the start

Membership is what makes us different from other businesses and attracting new people to join us is so important to our success. But we’re still right at the beginning of our journey to bring the Co-op back to being all about our members.

We need members to spend more with us so that we can do more of the things we’re known for as a Co-op: giving back to members and their communities, investing in new products and services built on co-operative values, tackling global and local issues that matter to them.

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What happens next?

We need members to do more of this:

  • Buy Co-op own-brand products in our stores
  • Trade with us across all of our businesses
  • Use their membership card every time

So we all need to keep doing more of this:

  • Talking to customers and clients about membership every day (and asking for their card)
  • If they have a temporary card, encouraging them to register it online
  • Encouraging them to try our Co-op own brand products
  • Working with local causes to make great things happen in our communities
  • Telling customers and clients about our other businesses (see the image above for some useful facts)
  • Encouraging more of our colleagues to become members 

Thanks again for everything you’re doing.


Chief Executive Officer, Co-op

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  1. Would it be possible for customers to “add” money to their membership card instead of buying saving stamps ?

    • Hi Kev. It’s a good suggestion I can certainly pass on to the Membership team. Lots of things are currently being explored to take membership even further. Thanks again ^Rachel

  2. This is great news, but can we go even further and offer members the choice of donating the 5% to charity and keeping the 1% (or just all 6% to charity)?

    • @feelinggenerous a few colleagues have said the same – it’s a great idea. Obviously I can forward your idea to the membership team. We’re working on improving membership all the time. Thanks ^Rachel

  3. Totally agree with Steve, that our scheme is much better than Tesco. They do have an advantage though in that they offer me a delivery but Coop don’t – is that just in my area or across the country as a whole? Do we deliver groceries?

  4. I love Co-op membership. It really is the best “loyalty” scheme in the market (though I’m aware its much more than that). I get really frustrated as a colleague here when I try to sell a membership card and fail, yet that customer has a Tesco Clubcard! Which has a mere 10% of the payback of the Co-op card! I guess my request then is can we have more marketing comparing our card to our competitors? Lets be fair, Tesco and Asda have been playing off against each other for years. “we’re the cheapest, no we’re the cheapest, no we are!” Can we join their party but hit Tesco where it hurts, their clubcard scheme. Let the Great British public know how terrible their beloved clubcard is. Yes, I hate Tesco.

    One other thing, from a forecourt manager: Can we have a 5/1 benefit on fuel? 1p a litre? Even half a penny would tempt some (this is what Morrisons gives I think). The wallet is able to be spent on fuel, why can’t we earn on fuel too? We have the most expensive fuel in our area, it must be possible.

    • Hi Steve

      So glad you’re loving membership – really good to hear. I’m going to take your suggestions to the various teams within the business. Some good ideas there. Let me also take the question about fuel away – I don’t know the answer to that. Thanks Rachel

    • Hi Steve

      I’ve forwarded your comment to our marketing team. Just found out that under the current 5 and 1 fuel is not classed as own brand (obviously 5 and 1 is based on buying Co-op own brand products and services) but members do earn points when they buy fuel. At the moment that doesn’t mean that much for members because the annual dividend we give out is still not being paid as we’re still in Rebuild – think we were aiming for 2018 to re-introduce it. Hope that answers your question. ^Rachel

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