For the third time in a row we’ve received the Fair Tax Mark award.

This independent award is the gold standard of tax transparency, and shows the public that we do the right thing when it comes to paying tax.

The Fair Tax Mark organisation checks in with our tax team every year to make sure that we:

  • Made our corporate structure and ownership clear and publically available
  • Made our full accounts publically accessible
  • Explain our tax numbers in our accounts clearly
  • Publish a tax policy, committing to good practice
  • Give information about any international companies or societies in the group, and how they’re taxed

You can find other businesses that have the award on the Fair Tax Mark map.

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  1. How many other retailers do this? Are we the norm or an exception?

    • @Carl – There’s some useful info about the fair tax mark on their website here –

      There will be other businesses that carry the fair tax mark. Unfortunately, on the fair tax website, the link to the page about those businesses appears to be broken so I’m unsure how many others there are.


  2. Interestingly, the markers seem to relate solely to Co-op Food stores (including some that have been sold to McColls) but strangely not the Funeralcare homes – why is this?

    • @Pete – Thanks for spotting that. The award covers all our businesses, so we’ll ask the Fair Tax Mark people to make sure our Funeralcare businesses are highlighted too.
      Thanks ^Lara

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