L-R, Ben and Hollie Arnold, Sarah and Jade, Lucy in the Hero Village
July 18, 2017

Running the Championships

It’s been a whirlwind few days for the Co-op colleagues selected to be Runners at the World Para-Athletic Championships down in the Olympic Park in Stratford, East London.

From collecting ID and uniform on Friday to taking up our positions on the park directing the tens of thousands of spectators, it’s been non-stop, hectic and amazing.

The Co-op Colleague Runners

The Co-op Colleague Runners

The atmosphere among the spectators and fellow volunteers has been electric. With the 4,500 other runners all kitted-out in matching uniforms, we’ve been able spot them from miles away, snaking their way across London to the park and taking up positions on the many approach routes to the stadium with a cheerful camaraderie – everybody gets a high-5!

We’ve checked up on the Co-op stand in the Hero Village on the park, always with a long queue outside.

We watched Carly as she raced on Friday night, saw World Records tumble. One of the team, Ben Skinner, even managed to grab a picture with new World Record holder and javelin gold medallist, Hollie Arnold.

L-R, Ben and Hollie Arnold, Sarah and Jade, Lucy in the Hero Village

L-R, Ben and Hollie Arnold, Sarah and Jade, Lucy in the Hero Village

And not only have we got involved, but our contribution has been noticed by the highest levels. Every drop of enthusiasm that colleagues use in their everyday roles has been put to great use here, so much so that Michael Cannon, Spectator Services Manager for the entire London 2017 organising committee, left us a personal message to say thanks:

The Co-op guys rocked.

Absolutely amazing night of Spectator Services. The Co-op guys were absolutely on point, smashed the entire evening. I couldn’t have asked for a better team.

Michael Cannon - Spectator Services Manager and a big Co-op fan!

Michael Cannon – Spectator Services Manager and a big Co-op fan! (Please note this isn’t a video)

David Stanyon, National Transport Planner said:

Energy has been great, the Co-op values are there for all to see and that’s backed up with great feedback from the organisers, team leaders and the public too.

Sarah Atherton, Store Manager from Milnrow added:

It’s an amazing opportunity and I’ve been blown away with the experience so far! The atmosphere at the stadium has been electric and I’ve loved spending time with fellow colleagues.

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  1. My partner and I along with his mum (who we’d purchase tickets for as a part of a Christmas present) were at the Games on Friday 21st. It was spectacular! Then to see us (Co-op) being apart of it all made me feel immensely proud. The stand was great and as mentioned in the above piece, everybody was enjoying what we had to offer which was scrumptious.
    A huge congratulations to all those athletes who took part in the games, even more to the ones who achieved a medal, and of course to our colleagues who worked so hard to make everyone’s experience one to remember. Thank you.

  2. My wife & I went to the games on Saturday 15th July. I only bought the tickets 2 days before at £9 each which I thought was a bargain. The volunteers there like at the Olympic games were fantastic greeting people nicely & wishing them a lovely time. It was great how so many children & young people attended. In a way I wish we brought our 3 week old baby, but thought better leave her at Grandma’s. The athlete’s were fantastic! Real inspirations, as they have been ever since the para-olympic movement began. They aren’t disabled, they are athlete’s in their own right. The crowd was great to by really getting behind every athlete no matter which nation they were representing. Loved it!

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