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Alasdair Fowle, Divisional Marketing Manager, is at the World Para Athletics Championships London 2017 and told us why he’s loving it:

Co-op branding around the stadium

Stadium branding

The championships started with a bang (courtesy of some fireworks) on Friday and the atmosphere has been electric ever since. The brand exposure for Co-op has been phenomenal, our British messages have been viewed millions of times, the feedback from the 4,500 volunteers on our British meal deal range has been great and thousands of visitors have experienced our food and interacted with our brand on our stand in the Hero Village. Then of course there’s the amazing job our Co-op runners and our very own Carly Tait have been doing too!

carly on stand 1

Carly on our Co-op stand

Carly competed on Friday against a very strong field in the 100m T34 race, and put in an extraordinary effort to come in 5th, covering the 100m in a mere 19.58 seconds which was just 0.4 seconds off her all time personal best. Carly followed this up on Monday in her weakest event, the 800m T34 race, and managed to finish just off the podium in 4th with a time of 2minutes and 21 seconds, which was simply amazing to watch. She’s really grateful for all our support and sent this message:

Carly’s next race is on Wednesday evening and we’ll all be cheering her on loud and proud when she competes in the 400m T34 race.

Co-op food for the runners

Co-op food for the runners

The main part of our partnership with the championships is the Co-op food we’re providing to feed the 4,500 runners who make the games a reality. The feedback I’ve had from the runners themselves and also from the management team, is that it’s by far the best food that’s ever been provided to runners it’s safe to say we’ve changed the perceptions of Co-op to a massive number of people in such a short space of time.

The Experiential team have created an amazing customer experience activation in Hero Village. In fact, it’s so good that demand has been huge‚ and some customers have queued for 20 minutes just to sample some of our delicious products! It’s been great to witness so many people experiencing some of the products from our range and instantly changing their view of Co-op’s own-brand food. I’ve been lucky enough to be down in London for a few days and it’s great talking to visitors at the Co-op stand. It’s been a pleasure to meet so many existing members but also to talk to people who haven’t joined us yet and tell them what makes us different. We can sign-up new members on the stand and the team have been busy welcoming visitors as new Co-op members!

Co-op food for the runners

Co-op food for the runners

We’re back shortly with a response lucky enough to have 3 medal presenter positions. Amanda Jennings (Director of Marketing Communications, Customer Team) took part in the first medal presentation on Saturday, which included Hannah Cockcroft’s Gold Medal for the 100m. Nick Crocker, who’s an Area Manager in South Division, and Andy Phelps (Head of Commercial) will also be representing Co-op at medal presentations this weekend.

I’ve managed to experience the atmosphere inside the stadium and also spoken to some of the athletes who’ve talked about the difference the crowd makes to their performance. It really has been amazing to see the home crowd not only get behind the British athletes but also support the visiting athletes and create an amazing atmosphere for everyone to enjoy! If you live in the south then please do get along to the championships and show your support – it really is an unforgettable experience.

Here’s a transcript of Carly’s message in case you can’t hear the video:

“I want to say a big thank you to everyone at the Co-op for all your support, it’s been amazing to have you on my journey, from Rio to now at the World Championships in London. Without you all I could not do it, I couldn’t be here. Big thumbs up to all the runners here as well, it’s been so nice to meet you all. And I can’t wait to get back to the office and say hello to all of you guys. Keep watching, keep supporting and keep cheering for me! Bye!”

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  1. As one of the volunteer Runners, I’d just like to add my thanks to the Co-op. The food was brilliant, great choice, well-cooked (no soggy broccoli) and plentiful. Having been at the Olympics, Paralympics and Glasgow Commonwealth Games, I can echo other people in saying your catering was streets ahead of the others. Thanks again and thank you too for supporting this wonderful event.

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