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I’m Cassie Fletcher, a Trustee at Animal Lifeline in Stoke. For 41 years we’ve been saving abandoned and unwanted dogs and puppies, finding them new homes and loving owners.

We’re a voluntary organisation which over the years has saved more than 11,000 dogs. It’s hard to believe anyone would want to abandon these beautiful animals but unfortunately it still happens.

Steve Woodward (Kennel Manager) and dog Sol at Animal Lifeline

Steve Woodward (Kennel Manager) and dog Sol at Animal Lifeline

We rely on our own fundraising efforts and the generosity of the public to keep this place going so we were delighted to receive £1,950 from the Co-op’s Local Community Fund.

It’s meant we’ve been able to open a new kennel at our rescue centre near Cellarhead. It will help us to save little lives.

Without Co-op and its generous members, colleagues and customers, we just couldn’t rescue and re-home so many abandoned dogs. We’re so grateful for their support.

Cassie Fletcher

Animal Lifeline

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  1. So good to hear that we’re helping with this cause. It would be nice to see more animal charities benefiting from our 1%.

    • It’s a fantastic cause isn’t it Abi. I’m sure there’ll be many more we’re supporting. If you’ve got any success stories about how our 1% has helped one of your local causes, let us know. ^Rachel

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