What image does the word ‘funeral’ conjure up in your mind?

For many, it still has Victorian connotations. A typical British funeral would’ve been a ceremony where friends and family, dressed in smart black clothes looking very solemn, gathered in a church, with a priest or minister delivering passages from the bible and singing hymns.

But the world has changed, and our cultural perception of funerals has changed with it. Many people don’t want funerals that are traditional and sorrowful, instead, they want a celebration of life – a way to provide comfort and healing to grieving families.

At Co-op Funeralcare, we arrange about 100,000 funerals each year and we’re doing more personalised funerals than ever – tailoring our services to make sure families can give their loved ones a unique and memorable send-off.

Online is where it’s at

More and more of us are moving our lives online, whether it’s how we shop, manage our bank accounts or chat to our friends.

In just nine years, the smartphone has had a massive impact on our society. Collectively, people in the UK look at their smartphones over a billion times a day, with a tenth of us instinctively reaching for our phones as soon as we wake up – and not just to turn off the alarm.

Our findings show that over half of our website visitors now use a smartphone to access it. For a long time, no matter which device a person used, it only displayed in a desktop view. That meant it was difficult to read and navigate on a mobile.

So, we’ve been improving our website to make sure our users can see our fantastic site at its best regardless of the device they use to access it.


As soon as we launched the mobile friendly site, we saw an immediate spike in mobile phone users going ahead to take a plan with us. It’s great to see such fantastic results, in a short space of time. None of this would have been possible without all the hard work and long hours that colleagues across the various teams put in to make this is a success.

Planning ahead and talking openly about death

We all know how difficult it is to talk about death, with 11.5 million Brits saying they regretted not talking to their loved ones about it until it was too late. To help people talk more openly about death we’ve put together an online guide.

And, don’t forget as colleague members we can take advantage of some fantastic discounts from Funeralcare:

  • £500 discount on funerals arranged for close family members
  • £250 discount on Pre-Paid Funeral Plans for you or a close family member. To redeem this offer please quote the discount code: FNCCOL-17 when applying online or in one of our funeral homes
  • Plus 5% back and 1% to your local community on qualifying products and services

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  1. The discount code did not work for me on the web site. i had to phone up anf talk to an arranger. There was also confusion arround the amount of discount as £100 discount was applied for buying online i did not get £250 off the total that was displayed on the web site.

  2. Pretty soon all of us Funeral Arrangers will be made redundant and wont have jobs if Online is where its at……

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