Screen shot of a PC's 'shut down' option

If you use a desktop or laptop PC, please make sure you shut it down properly at the end of the day/your shift – this will help make sure it gets the latest security updates and keeps our Co-op safe from cyber-attacks.

Just leaving your machine to hibernate (go into power save mode) isn’t enough – this will miss the security updates that get picked up when you actually shut down the machine and start it back up again. Likewise, just powering it off isn’t a good idea either – not only does this risk you losing data, but it also doesn’t start the security update process properly.

If you go too long without them being applied, then your machine will forcibly restart at some point during the working day. So to avoid this obvious inconvenience, and help keep our Co-op safe, please make sure you shut your machine down properly every time you’ve finished your working day.

Thank you.

Christina Coutts
Information Security