A couple of weeks ago something really exciting happened. Our Funeralcare colleagues up in Edinburgh started using the digital service to book funerals for clients in real time. And it went down a treat – with both clients and colleagues.

Over the last week, a team of digital folk have been up in Edinburgh supporting our colleagues, helping them make the transition from using paper forms to arrange a funeral to using the live system on a tablet.

Scary stuff. But the teams in Edinburgh have been up for the challenge and very honest with their feedback.


It’s been a big change for these teams and it’s not always been easy, but the achievement of everyone involved has been incredible. Who would have thought we could have such an intuitive system to replace all those forms, paper diaries and whiteboards. And it works.

Though there’s still a way to go and it’s by no means perfect yet. But we’re getting there and it’s thanks to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved. The teams in Angel Square, Bolton, Edinburgh and Tranent have all played a huge part in creating this system from scratch. It couldn’t have been done without any of them.

One of the keys to the success of the digital service is the hands on involvement that our front line colleagues have had from the start. The service has been designed for them, so it made total sense that they should have a say in how it works.

And they haven’t held back when it comes to letting us know what they think. The team in Angel Square get on average 14 pieces of feedback a week, sometimes reaching as much as 37. It all gets listened to and it all finds its place on the ever growing plan of updates and developments.


There’s nothing else like this that exists within our industry. We’re leading the way with such an innovative way of working – and it’s not just us that think that. Our digital team from Angel Square recently attended an awards ceremony down in London. And guess what. WE WON!

Say hello to the Digital Technology Leaders Award for Best Large DigitalProject.


We can’t wait to make the service even better than it is now and start sharing it with you all. That’s still going to take us some time, but for now, there’s a new page on the intranet being developed which will hold loads of up to date information on how the service is getting along. There’ll be videos, a blog, articles on the latest news, even a place to post comments and questions, so make sure you look out for the message to say it’s up and running.

This is a really exciting time for us and we want you to be part of it.

Carl Burton, Product Lead, Funeralcare Digital Service