Illustration of cogs with the text: Improving our HR and Payroll system

As more and more of us manage our lives online; whether it’s how we shop, manage our bank accounts or speak to our friends, it’s important that we stay up-to-date in our working lives.  

You may have already started to hear that we’re upgrading our HR and payroll systems and that you’ll start to see some changes.  The new system launches in October, but there are some important things you need to know before then.

You’ll get a letter and booklet explaining what these changes mean for you and anything you need to do.  If you’re in a store, depot or funeral home, you’ll get the letter and booklet sent to you there.  If you work in the support centre, you’ll get this by email.

You can also find out more information online.

If you don’t get a letter and booklet by 11 August, or need any additional support please call 0330 606 1011 or email

Fiona Inglis
MyHR Programme Lead

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  1. i assume we’re not being compensated for the impact this will have on paying additional national insurance contributions that you can’t get back like tax?

  2. I have entered my email address above in the ‘Follow Blog’ box. Is this sufficient to sign up for the password to get onto the forthcoming MyHR system

    • Hi Christopher – no, following the blog won’t reach the right people: you will need to enter your details into the form you find at

      • Hi Chris. I have a a couple of questions. You were really helpful to Christopher – hope you can help me too.

        Is it the same form if I want to change it later?
        Will the data be stored by Oracle in the USA?

        Mobile Apps are very popular now at the Co-op.
        Will there be one of those for OneHR coming soon?

        Can you ask the guys at Oracle and get back to us?



  3. It’s not exactly fair really,when I moved from a team leader to a Team manager i lost around 160 lieu hours. That would work out as a lot of money! I’ve seen so many people have lieu hours on the system and there’s not an easy way to actually get the money to them.

    • You shouldn’t have lost any lieu time. The hours should still be on the Tara system. If they aren’t I would speak to HR to ask when and why they were removed. When the Management contracts changed a few yrs ago any lieu time stayed on until it was either paid or taken. I was a T1 at the time and had old lieu sitting which I took. Hope this helps.

  4. Poor! We should have a system to see when we clock In and clock out and see online our holidays and how many cummlitive hours we do a week to see . This would be like majority of workplaces now

  5. We all know what the nature of retail is like and I know that all these systems rely on us having the time to do it..and if your a team leader like me you will know that We never have time for paperwork and admin as we are on the shop floor doing what we do best. My manager makes payroll mistakes and only recently I’ll was owed 70 hours unpaid but my manager gets on the shop floor with me and works hard so i don’t mind as much .. a system is only as good as those following it and inputting the correct data…

  6. What happens if you haven’t got internet access

  7. It’s not just pay roll.thats a down fall for the coop.theres a multitude of issues from HR payroll and managers useings the Tara system to there advantage where I have to do every weekend because they do the rota as I am a team leader and so do many staff members and team leaders

  8. Think of the kittens!

  9. does this now work for weekend holidays? I work weekend & MYHR doesn’t allow me to book a holiday on a weekend meaning we have to “fudge” days off just to balance it out – terrible tool to use

    • Good point Morty – care to comment Fiona?

    • Hi Morty, it might be worth your manager checking to see if your working pattern has been put in correctly. If they haven’t put you down as a normal working day at the weekend it won’t let you book holidays for that day.

  10. How many more new payroll systems will there be they have never worked 100% and I don’t think that they ever will and all the hours spent on producing a Rota would be more use keeping the customers shopping with us as it’s them who pay our wages

    • Hi Lynne thanks for your comments, it’s key that we get the right HR and Payroll systems in place so that we can ensure that we pay colleagues. Pay may not be right 100% of the time, people enter information into the system and sometimes mistakes happen.

      • That’s a very disappointing comment which implies we have an unsafe pay roll system

        ” Pay may not be right 100% of the time, people enter information into the system and sometimes mistakes happen.”

        That wouldn’t be an acceptable answer in many circles – surely the idea is to have a system which is proof against people entering wrong information?

  11. Try paying us the money you owe us that you took as lie time 6 years ago when no one else was on that pay system shambolic that’s also been moved back again

    • Hi Brian I don’t know enough about your personal situation but if you are concerned that you have money owed to you please pick up directly with our support line on 0330 606 1011.

  12. This has got to be one of the worst pieces of communication you could have issued.

    You’re telling me “Something is happening sometime and it might affect you (sometime)”.

    There’s no sense of how it’s going to make my life better.

    I’m not surprised – nothing OneHR does surprises me any more, except the fact it’s still running and sucking money out of more productive uses into the growing coffers of the likes of Oracle and third party contractors.

    How sure are you it will be October after you’ve missed so many previous deadlines?
    How many millions has it cost so far and for what exactly?
    How much more are you going to ask for?

    At best it will drag Co-op HR into the end of the last century as far as technology and working practices go.

    • Well said. How many more coop stores will need to be sold!

    • Hi Nick thanks for taking the time to read through our article and post your comments. It’s key that we get the right HR and Payroll systems in place so we move with the times and have up to date technology, keeping our data safe and secure. We are confident with regards to our timelines, if you would like to discuss this further then please let me know as happy to pick this up off line with you.

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