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Our insurance business has launched a Park Smart tool showing car crime hotspots, so you can make safer choices about where to park.

Park Smart

You can enter any postcode in England and Wales to see how many reports of vehicle thefts, thefts from a vehicle and vandalism there have been in the last six months. Areas are colour coded red, orange or yellow to make it easy to spot areas of concern.

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James Hillon, Co-op Insurance Director of Products said:

“Year on year we see a 20% increase in car thefts across the UK. Our tool will help drivers make safer choices about parking and help to keep communities safe.”

As well as choosing parking spaces wisely, Co-op Insurance has this advice for drivers:

    • Park close to other cars
    • Turn your wheels towards surrounding vehicles or towards the curb
    • Park on main roads or near shops and restaurants
    • Use a steering lock if you have one
    • Keep bags and coats out of sight
    • Keep any paperwork that could identify you out of sight

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  1. Steering lock? Really? The only people who use these are pensioners. Because ALL modern cars have a steering lock built in! Quite why they still sell them I don’t know. Same reason they sell “safety” socket covers I guess. Because it makes people feel a bit better about things. But with no logical benefit.

  2. Sorry to be boring but the link doesn’t work it takes me to an empty page on the Hub.

    accessed on Aug 4 using Goolge Chrome Browser

    • Hey Nico,
      Thanks for flagging. Are you still having these problems? Do you know what version of chrome you are using?

  3. Great Idea,
    Maybe add some parking hygiene advice on site too ;), people just forget no harm reminding (i.e. don’t leave valuables on display, remove dash cam’s, sat nav’s, etc…)
    Are you planning same for car accidents ?
    Do you have a similar tool planned for home insurance ?
    Can you advertise on co-op food shop receipts or in shops ?
    What can you do if you in a high risk area what can help the community and how can you get the council, police, car parking companies to help make things better (maybe template partitions, or letters people can send to authorities/companies) maybe co-op legal could advise on this.

  4. Great idea, will people really use this to determine where they park?

  5. Why does the tool not work for Scotland and NI if the report is based on stats from across the UK? Will there be separate Tool for up north?

    • Hey Gill, Scotland doesn’t release the crime data for us to be able to include in the tool. If they do we’ll definitely get this updated. You should be able to see the data for Northern Ireland. 🙂

      • Good idea in theory but, I wonder how many of our colleagues like myself park in high risk areas because of the locations of our stores.

  6. why is it only Wales and England???

    • Hey Lisa, we’re not able to get the crime data for Scotland to include in the tool. You should be able to see the data in Northern Ireland. Thanks 🙂

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