Olympic medallist Dan Purvis who trains at Southport Gymnastics Club

When you can count an Olympic medallist as one of your own (Dan Purvis), are home to the British cheerleading champions, and boast the only ‘pitted’ (foam blocks in large holes to cushion landings) facility in the area, you’d wonder why Southport Gymnastics Club would ever have to worry about continuing.

But, according to Emma Richardson, Gymnastic Club Manager, they’re just coming out of some dark days when she was managing over 1,000 children, doing the accounts and virtually running the place on her own.

“There were moments where I didn’t think we’d be able to carry on. We were funded by YMCA up until Sept 2016 but that stopped. Since it’s been a real struggle but we’re finally coming out the other side. Co-op has supported us all the way.”

Film by Ben Brosnan

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Emma was thrilled when in April they started benefiting from our Local Community Fund.

Once they receive the money from our members’ 1% in November, new trampolines are at the top of their shopping list. They also need to raise £50,000 to buy the building they’ve been renting for years.

Do you know a local cause we could help through our Local Community Fund? There’s less than a week left to apply. Just send them the link to this page.

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  1. All I can say is GREAT !!!

  2. Great club. Great work done by Emma and everyone to get them through difficult times. Will go from strength to strength

    • Stuart, thank you for the encouragement. Our manager at Southport Gymnastics Club, Emma, is an amazing ambassador for what a British Gymnastics affiliated club should be. She and her team promote the health and well being of all our gymnasts, at all abilities. Thank you for your support, BG.

  3. Southport Gymnastics Club is a great club. When I did gymnastics when I was younger I competed against them for many years and my dads gymnastics club (Active Tameside) still compete against them now with some great gymnasts. They are a very friendly club and glad to see how our local community fund is helping them.

    • Brilliant to hear Karen and thanks for sharing. It’s a fantastic place and even better people. Agreed. ^Rachel

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