Since 2016, we’ve been working with award-winning forensic technology company, SmartWater, to roll-out a ground-breaking new deterrent to link criminals back to the scene of a cash machine crime.

After a successful trial in 300 of our cash machines in Wales and the South West, all of our machines will now be fitted with a SmartWater sprayer which contains a unique forensic spray that’s unharmful and invisible to the naked eye but glows bright yellow under a UV black light. The spray is activated automatically by the burglar alarm. SmartWater is tough and very difficult for criminals to remove and the police only need a speck, the size of a grain of sand, to be able to prove the guilt of a suspect.

Chris Whitfield, Retail and Logistics Director said:

Keeping our stores and our store colleagues safe, has always and will always be our number one priority. We’re leading the way by being the first retailer in the world to install this technology on all of our cash machines and I’m confident we’ll get great results. And this isn’t just it for us, we’re also working with other retailers and local police to protect our cash machines which are such a valuable service for our local communities.

Our trial saw cash machine crime fall by 93% in Wales and the South West, and we’re confident we’ll see a similar success rate across the UK.