Two Funeralcare colleagues flank a rainbow hearse used for Brighton Pride

Funeralcare’s first ever rainbow hearse dazzled the crowds when it was unveiled at this weekend’s Brighton Pride.

Co-Operative Funeralcare

 Funeralcare’s new rainbow hearse in Brighton with Richard Miller (left) and Chris Sarson.

The rainbow hearse – one of only a handful in the country – is the latest addition to Funeralcare’s growing fleet of specialist hearses, including a Land Rover, a 1933 Austin and a Buddhist-themed hearse.

The colourful hearse was a request from a member of the community in Brighton, but is now in demand across the country, as people want to personalise funerals for LGBT+ friends and relatives.

It’s also another way we as a business can show our commitment to equality and diversity. As well as having an award winning LGBT+ network (Respect), we’re now showing our support in local communities too.

The shift away from sombre send-offs is also happening more and more, as data from Funeralcare shows that:

  • two thirds (66%) of adults say that funerals are becoming more of a celebration of life
  • almost half (47%) of UK adults would like their own funeral to be conducted as a celebration
  • almost a quarter (23%) of Britons say they want to make their last journey in a personalised vehicle

Martin Baker, Head of Central Operations, said:

“If a request is possible to do and there’s a demand for it, our funeral directors and arrangers will do their utmost to make it happen.

“At Co-op Funeralcare we always listen to our clients’ wishes which is why we’ve introduced the rainbow hearse to our fleet. We’re hoping it gives more families the unique and memorable send-off their loved one would’ve wanted.’’

The new vehicle is available now and can be delivered to any location within the UK as part of one of our funerals.

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  1. Whilst I appreciate this and the comments above, I seem to work for a different funeral care? We have no staff, no vehicles roadworthy on funerals and by this I mean not working, breaking down and one had no MOT for two weeks but was still used. Staff leaving in droves, 6 out of 8 branches closed due to damage, no staff and infestations and managers leaving for funeral partnership on a weekly basis! Can we take pride in the entire business please. I love this hearse but right now I need the basics, Rachael’s comment on tailoring funerals, what’s that? I cant even offer the basic funeral with out major complications.

    • I’m really surprised and disappointed to hear this. You’ll know that we’ve got many processes and procedures in place to make sure things like this should not happen. I really want to understand more about the examples you’ve mentioned in your comment, so please get in touch with me so I can work with you to fix these issues. You can always email me directly to discuss any concerns confidentially – my email is in the colleague directory.

  2. I think it’s great and I would like it for my funeral. A matching limousine would be nice and a rainbow cravat for the FD. Why not? Love it!

  3. 1st Funeral booked in Brighton with the Rainbow hearse for a member of a local chorus called “The Rainbow Chorus”

  4. I think this is a great idea not only for the LGBT community but it could also be for anyone especially those who have the tragedy of the loss of child. It’s bright and bold and would put a lighter touch to very hard day. Some people like traditional but some want to celebrate all that they have done wither their journey be short or long.

    PS @Andrew I also find your comment to be disrespectful and derogatory, surprised this was kept on the page!

  5. Another punt at the gay pound.

    • How offensive. As a gay man I find your comment to not only be insulting of gay people in general, but also offensive in that you think the Co-op would take advantage of a minority of people they have stood side by side with long before it became the trendy “in” thing to do.
      People should choose their words wisely…

  6. Could we invest some money in fixing the uniform??? This picture is like a game of spot the difference between the FDs, as they experience the nationwide problem of uniform… I’m NOT getting at the FD’s pictured, I also feel like the odd one out when out on funerals.
    PS. Hearse looks great- how much will it cost to bring to Scotland? 🙁

  7. What can I say other than a very proud moment for us all in Brighton , I’m sure it will be very popular for anyone wanting a bright and cheerful final journey.
    The response from the public walking in front of the hearse on the parade was amazing , the public loved it and the balloons on top were an added touch that any funeral could have. Thank you co op

    • You’re right Chris. It might appeal very much to the onlookers at Brighton pride but I think this will have an appeal to anyone wanting their funeral to be a celebration of their life. It’s made me think that I need to get my requests sorted out on my funeral plan. I’d be very disappointed now with a black car. I wonder if Coop has a family car too for relatives in rainbow colours?

    • Thanks Chris- glad you had fun! So happy the Co-op could support it.

  8. Beautifully bright and cheerful, are there any plans for a couple of limousines?

    • Hi Simon, glad you like them. I’m sure limos will be considered in the future if there’s demand for them. Funeralcare always tries to meet clients’ wishes if they possibly can.

  9. I think this is brilliant.
    We had my mums funeral twelve years ago as a celebration. We went to the crematorium first to get the really sad bit done first and then to our local church for a service with family and friends. Having no coffin at the service was a big help to me and my dad. The minister thought it was an unusual request but fortunately was happy to do it. We got so many good comments after and we were able to go straight to the wake with our family and friends after without having to then leave to go to the crematorium.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your story Nancy. It’s encouraging to hear you were able to tailor the funeral exactly to your needs. That’s what our Funeralcare business does so well. ^Rachel

  10. I love this!!!

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