Do you know someone who’d make a great Member Pioneer like Abimbola?

In April we recruited 60 Member Pioneers to work in communities across the UK – special people who share our passion to make great things happen locally.

Already they’re bringing colleagues, members and local causes together, listening to their communities and inspiring other members to get things done. 

But we need even more Member Pioneers to work closely with our stores, funeral homes and local causes.

By the end of 2017 we’re aiming for 200 Member Pioneers in 450 regions. And by 2020 we hope to have a Member Pioneer in all of our 1,500 communities.

If you know a member in your community who’d be a good fit, want to find out more about the role of a Member Pioneer, or are a colleague member who’s interested in this opportunity, please make sure you visit

Different images of our current Member Pioneers featuring on posters for our recruitment campaign

Posters from our Member Pioneer recruitment campaign

You can check out how Abimbola is getting on by reading her latest blog post. Also watch the film below to find out how she got on at local cause Holgate Mill in York.

(Note: We know videos can’t be viewed in-store. You can find this video, and more, from your own device by searching ‘Co-op colleagues’ on YouTube, or read the transcript)

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  2. Loved reading Abimbola’s blog yesterday, can’t wait to have more brilliant people join us to make a difference in our local communities!

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