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Most of you will have heard about the fantastic story of our colleague Emma Day who saved the life of one-year-old Jesse on her first day working for the Co-op.

Jesse’s mum Annabel went on Facebook to show her praise for Emma and ask that she be recognised. That’s something we’ve been working on – how we recognise you for #beingcoop.

Thousands of you are living our Ways of Being every day and it isn’t just about saving lives – it’s the small (but big) things too like taking someone’s shopping to the car, donating clothes and bedding to a local nursing home, or simply just giving your colleague a helping hand if they’re struggling.

There are already some fantastic examples of teams recognising each other and saying thank you. So, we’re going to build on the great things already happening, tell these stories more widely and help create a culture where all colleagues feel appreciated, every day.

We’re trialling our new recognition box

Last year we introduced the Being Co-op thank you cards, and they proved to be a real hit so we decided to take the idea further.

We invited teams across the business to trial our new box full of #beingcoop thank you cards, badges, bags and selfie frames to use, as they choose, to recognise people in their teams and say thank you for living the Ways of Being Co-op. Thanks to all those who put themselves forward.

The trial finishes mid September and we’ll find out what has worked best before rolling the box out across the Co-op.

You might have seen pics of colleagues using them on social media already. Here are some if you’ve missed them:

Uniquely Co-op 

We’re also looking at ways our colleagues can nominate those who go ‘above & beyond’. Those individuals or teams will have the chance of receiving a unique and special experience that only our Co-op can offer. Watch this space for more information.


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  1. I have just a had a great idea. Could you also include some star shaped stickers in the pack too? Maybe splash out with the budget and have some silver or gold ones for the extra special staff to be recognised.

  2. Jon for President…

  3. I think money would be better..

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