Colleagues can get 20% off in our food stores using their employee MembershipDDAugust card, and friends and family with a partner card can get in on the action too!

If the sun’s shining (and we hope it will be!), why not bust out the BBQ and mix

and  match three meat, fish and poultry lines for just £8?

You can also grab a punnet of strawberries, raspberries or blueberries at £1.60, for even more summery vibes.

And remember, you can get 10% off at, where you can now earn Membership rewards on selected lines, like these:


Hotpoint Aquarius 7Kg 1200 Spin Washing Machine in White

Web price: £199

Double Discount price: £179.10

+ £8.95 for you

+ £1.79 for your community



Sony 32inch TV: Full HD, Smart, Freeview HD, WiFi, 2XHDMI, 2X USB

Web price: £329

Double Discount price: £296.10

+ £14.81 for you

+ £2.96 for your community



If you’re not a colleague member, now’s the perfect time to join!

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  1. This is absolutely ridiculous, why not wait and do it when everyone has actually been paid and has money. You would have sold a lot more doing it that way. – I and other colleagues wasn’t aware till Tuesday.

  2. Stupid haveing double discount weekend before pay day just because it’s a English bank holiday

    • Hi Evelyn. The date was chosen by colleagues via a vote on both Colleague Facebook and via the intranet – both methods having been highlighted in store briefings. It was meant as a nice thing to let colleagues choose when they’d like the summer double discount days – either around the English bank Holiday weekend or on 1-2 Sep after payday. Colleagues chose 25 and 26 Aug, so that’s what happened. Obviously given all the negative comments on Facebook many colleagues (who I guess either didn’t;t vote or didn’t know about the vote) aren’t very happy about it… but this was totally an open choice for colleagues. Personally, I spent up my 5% rewards over the weekend. ^Kevin

  3. Hello,

    I used my card on Friday at the new Co-op store in Northenden but only received the 10% discount. I asked the staff why I hadn’t got the 20% but they didn’t know what I was talking about. Is this branch not included in the colleague double discount?


    • Hi Ross. Is that the store on Palatine Road in Northenden? I can’t see why that store wouldn’t;t be offering the double discount as it looks to be a Co-op group store form the store locator. The team at the contact centre will be able to help more and look into the transaction for you – either try the Membership team on 0800 023 4708 or the more general number on 0800 0686 727. Sorry I can’t help further, ^Kevin

  4. My Partner use his partner card today in king street nairn and never received his discount, they tried swiping it and keying it in and nothing and didn’t even get his 10%.

    • Just wondering if they have stop giving partner cards discount.

      • Hi Kelly. Sorry to hear that. I can’t see why that shouldn’t have worked. I’m not aware that the partner card discount has stopped. I’m trying to get an update for ‘Intrigued’ below about where we are on Partner Cards so will add an update here when I get it. It might be worth calling the customer care line to see if they can see anything wrong with the transaction. Either try the Membership team on 0800 023 4708 or the more general number on 0800 0686 727. ^Kevin

  5. Is the 10% on electrical restricted to certain lines/products, or anything they sell?

    • The 10% double discount is available on all products on Co-op Electrical as a colleague member. There are certain ones that as a member, when you log in, will also give you 5+1 rewards back too. Double discount… double reward :-)!! Those lines earning the 5+1 reward will change each month… and obviously away from double discount days, you still get 5% discount off everything at other times on Co-op Electrical. Happy shopping… ^Kevin

  6. I’m one of the new Member Pioneers and I have a discount card. Can you confirm that we will get double discount this weekend as well as store colleagues? Also I have seen the question about partner cards – I sent him to the shop quite often so it would be great if he qualified to!

    • Peter, if your discount card has ‘colleague member’ on it and you usually get the 10% discount then yes, double discount should work for you too. Note, its not ‘this weekend’ – just today and tomorrow (Fri 25 and Sat 26) so don’t miss out by going in on Sunday (though I’d never want to discourage you form shopping with us on any day :-)). Also, as Sue’s experience below shows, make sure that you’re in a Co-op Group store and not one of the Independent Society stores or one of our Franchises. The store finder on should help you check if you’re not sure. Still looking into the partner card situation – I’m asking into a sea of people who are off on hols!!! Enjoy your 20% off… ^Kevin

  7. I’ve just shopped in the Coop in Addlestone, when I checked the receipt when I got back to branch its only 10% as normal, not the 20% as promised.

    • Hi Sue, Is that our store on Ongar Parade? If so, that’s a franchise store and not a Co-op Group one so I don’t think they have the same discount. Looks like there are 4 Co-op stores around Addlestone, can you confirm which one you were in please? Thanks, ^Kevin

    • Hi Sue. That store is owned by the Southern Co-op so isn’t part of our ‘Co-op Group’ double discount day today and tomorrow. Having asked around, this is only available in our Co-op group stores. On our online store finder (on if you go into the store details it tells you which Co-op society owns the store. Sorry that you didn’t get the discount… needs to be a Co-op Group store… but at least we know why now. ^Kevin

  8. Should every colleague member have an extra discount card (“partner card”?) for friends and family? This is not something I’ve heard about and would be good to know if I can get one. Thanks

    • Hi. All colleague members used to get a partner card (it acted purely as a discount card – partners still needed to have their own membership card to earn divi points). When the new membership launched last year the answer around partner cards was ‘we’re looking into them’. So at the mo, new colleague members don’t get a partner card (they just got their own card and the key fob card). I confess to not knowing the full position on where we are with partner cards now, but I’ll pass your query onto the team to find out as I’d like to know too 🙂 ^Kevin

      • Hi. I joined the Co-op in June, applied for a Colleague card shortly after, and was offered and sent a Partner card too! Just seems to contradict the information given in the last post?

      • Thanks Sharon – yes that does contradict what I’ve been told! The ‘right’ people have bene on hols, so I’m hoping that I can get proper answers around all things Partner Card shortly. But it sounds like you’ve got one and it works OK, so that’s great… need to look at why others may not be getting the same experience then! Thanks, ^Kevin

      • Hi, I’ve got the definitive answer on partner cards (hopefully!). Yes, they are still issued, but I’ve been told that they’re not sent out automatically when a membership account is upgraded to a colleague member account. Colleagues need to request one via the contact centre (Membership team on 0800 023 4708) – and their partner has to live at the same address as the colleague.
        The partner card will give a 10% discount (20% on double discount days) but does not earn 5+1 rewards or divi points towards voting eligibility at our AGM – the partner will need their own membership account and card for that. However, the partner card can be swiped without a membership card and it just earns the discount.
        Hope this helps. ^Kevin

  9. what is point of this and it is not pay day, it used to be the week you got paid !

    • Co-op Southern still have double discount every payday, they are paid the weekend after us each month, so you can still get our fab food etc at 20% off each month, they don’t have our reward scheme though, they send you vouchers, worth checking what our other co-ops are doing, if you don’t have Southern in your area.

    • We had a vote, and this was what the majority voted for – double discount at the bank holiday weekend

    • Hi Jack, as Eram has said, the date was put to a colleague vote earlier in the year and this is the weekend that colleagues voted for (the other one being the weekend after payday). The vote was mostly responded to on Colleague Facebook, but it was on the intranet too (and the two sets of results added together). So the business is just giving what the colleagues who voted asked for. ^Kevin

  10. Great to see it back. We are getting it at Christmas too if I remember rightly. Can you confirm please.

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