Our own-brand products are winning lots of industry awards, but did you know they’re also topping taste tests in many magazines and newspapers?

Every month we’ll be doing a round-up of the best so you can tell your friends, family and customers about our brilliant own-brand products and why everyone should buy them.

Don’t forget that by buying own-brand products you earn 5% for you and 1% goes to a good cause of your choice.

Co-op French dressing that topped Good Housekeeping Winner – Good Housekeeping magazine

Co-op Fresh French dressing
£1 for 150ml

“A full-flavoured dressing, the mustard seeds add a strong savoury note that pairs well with the subtle tangy sweetness of the dressing. Hints of garlic and pepper intensify the flavour. Light, creamy and a great consistency for drizzling.” 76 out of 100.


Hot dog buns that came best three in BBC Good Food magazine taste test

Top three – BBC Good Food magazine

Four giant hot dog rolls

“These big rolls are great for piling with fillings. We like the rice flour finish, which adds a nice texture.”


M-108B-27713-023-StrawberryM-108B-27713-022-HazelnutTruffBrownButterWoman and Home magazine

Irresistible Ice Creams
£3.50 for a 500ml tub

“There are three delicious ice-creams in the Irresistible range. Choose from English Strawberry & Clotted Cream, Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle and our favourite, Brown Butter and Caramelised Pecan. All made with West Country cream.”


4 stars Best on Test – Best magazine

Irresistible 100% Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice


“Fresh, fruity and packed with vitamin C! A.”




Irr Lemon Curd Yogurt with Raspberry Prosecco_HR.jpg

Woman magazine

Irresistible West Country Raspberry, Lemon & Prosecco yoghurt

“Dip into this lemon curd yoghurt with a raspberry and Prosecco compote for a creamy treat.”

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  1. You chose well Eram. As long as it cost £2 or more you were getting a good deal. That feature of Asda or Tesco is really good and should be adopted.

  2. Those ice creams really are amazing!

    The rhubard and ginger one is probably one of the best ice creams I’ve had

  3. I also like the own brand cherries (co-operative loved by us, produce of the USA, supplied by M374/SA/CY). However, I was disappointed to note a lack of transparency in pricing. There were two boxes of the same cherries next to each other in the High Street Manchester store. I tried to figure out which one was the best value as one was 200g and one was 120g. When I tried to look for the price per 100g, instead of this being clearly displayed on the pricing label, I was just told the smaller box was £1.20 per item and the larger box was £2 something. How is this supposed to help me work out which is better value? I often shop at Asda and Tesco, and they always display these costs per 100g, or toilet roll per sheet, or Flash wipes per sheet etc and this is useful to work out what is better value. I think the lack of transparency on the labeling goes against our own values and I would love it if we thought about changing this. Our customers should be able to easily compare items and make an informed decision about what size or what item to purchase after comparing costs.

    PS I went for two small boxes as I got an extra 40g for around 20p I think… Also I might give one pack to my son.

    • 120g divided by £1.20 = 1p per gram = £1 per 100g
      200g divided by £2.00 =1p per gram = £1 per 100g

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