Bowling is a big part of the UK’s heritage and is still a much-loved sporting tradition. The renowned Waterloo Hotel in Blackpool is the home of the Waterloo Handicap tournament, the most famous bowls competition in the world.

Funeralcare has a proud history of supporting bowls events and, because of our sponsorship, this year’s finals will once again receive live TV coverage on ITV4 on 19 and 20 September, between 10am to 5pm.

We’ve got two VIP tickets to give away for two lucky winners to attend on a day of their choice. This includes tea and coffee, lunch, and access to our VIP room to watch the game.

To win, all you have to do is email the name of the 2016 Waterloo Handicap winner, and who you’d like to have the ticket, eg a friend, parent or grandparent because they play at their local club.

Email us before Monday 11 September with the above detail plus a contact number. The winners will be drawn at random and contacted on Wednesday 13 September.

Karen Taylor, Events Manager

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  1. email it to who? thanks

  2. I understand that Joe, many young people also play and enjoy (for example) bingo – they may even be very good at it, but it’s still a game that is largely associated with a certain demographic.

    Football, for instance, CAN be played by anyone aged 0 and up… that the best players are aged 18-36 doesn’t reflect the fact that the majority of the registered players are under 18. The same is true of your sport – the majority of the playing members aren’t aged under 50.

    The young people that your sport is seeking to attract – and we’re aiming to bring on-board as customers – are less likely to be watching this between the hours of 10am and 5pm on a Tuesday and Wednesday in term time, than the people who make up the majority of your sport’s membership. The people who will be at home will likely either be:
    (a) Retired
    (b) Parents with pre-school children
    (c) Unemployed / Disabled

    Only one of those groups tends to have the necessary income and spare time to take up a new hobby… and that’s clearly the demographic that we’re trying to promote our brand (and your sport) to.

  3. I second a vote for a sponsored knitting event, I have been wanting a reason to get my mother out of the house – alternatively, we could always push the boat out and have a sponsored “watch the paint dry competition”… Imagine the fun that could be had on a Saturday night!

    The idea makes me giddy with excitement!!!!

  4. You can’t ask much more than a 21-19 final. I thought the dubstep was a bit distracting. Like when they play ‘We will rock you’ at the Ice Hockey…

  5. I missed out last year, and had to watch on the telly – but if you like pulse-racing, edge of the seat action… this is the event for you. I was on a knife-edge throughout! I particularly enjoyed the dubstep played during every timeout and replay.

    Between our non-stop advertising for funeral care and sponsoring a bowls tournament, we’re really doing our best to appeal to the kids out there! What’s next, the Co-op knitathon or some sort of queueing-related event? PLEASE tell me that we’ll be live-tweeting this event? It’ll really hit all the key demographics.

    • A common misconception about bowls is that it’s a game for old people when in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

      I play at a high level (I’m 30) and the best players in the game are generally between the ages of 20 and 50. I’ve got loads of mates all over the country (lots younger than me) that play. I know both lads in the picture above and they aren’t exactly on zimmer frames just yet!

      As a bowler, it’s fantastic to see the Waterloo on TV as bowls is never on! The coverage is great and I know that all the bowlers (and lots of non bowlers) love watching it. It’s brilliant that the Co-op sponsor the event, and in a game where it’s very difficult to get youngsters playing because of the classic stereotyping of bowls that you’ve demonstrated so well, this might just help the sport if they happen to be watching and fancy a game.

      • “the best players in the game are generally between the ages of 20 and 50”.

        But who makes up the majority of the membership? Saying that the “best” players are people between 20 and 50 adds no more statistical merit to your argument than someone pointing out that the average voter in the last general election had one testicle.

      • I’m not saying there aren’t older players – obviously there are lots as it’s a game that anybody can play. As a young player it can be very frustrating when bowls is solely associated with old people and it’s hard to get away from.

        I’m just pointing out that many young people play the game, they enjoy it and they’re very good at it.

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