A local resident cutting the ribbon at a celebration of the new door (Bridgend Community Centre)

You might think a new door couldn’t change lives but it has for the people of Bollington and the Bridgend Community Centre they attend.

It shows that our Local Community Fund is reaching the causes that members really care about in their communities.

Although the old door served the centre well it ‘weighed a ton’ according to Centre Manager Rebecca Lea, and made it difficult for anyone with a disability and parents with pushchairs.

Local community at the Bridgend celebration opening

“It’s such a great development for the centre because it helps us become more accessible to the community,” says Rebecca. “It cost £4,500 and we received £3,100 from the Local Community Fund so we couldn’t have done it without the Co-op.”

The Bridgend Community Centre is a special place dedicated to reducing social isolation and tackling loneliness. It offers everything from drop-in coffee mornings, weekly walks, a treasure trove of a charity shop, to a buddying system for those who find it difficult to get out.

Louise Biggin, Store Manager at Bollington Co-op, has worked hard with her colleagues to support this local cause. “We’re already really involved in this community so to see the Co-op be part of something like this, and make such a difference, is really lovely.”

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