September 20, 2017

An update on MyHR

You’ll have heard by now about our new HR and payroll system, MyHR, launching across our business over the coming weeks.

You should already have received a colleague pack with all of the information you need about the changes to the system.

MyHR will improve our outdated HR systems and puts you in control of your HR data. It will allow you to view and change your personal information and view your payslips online anytime, anywhere, on either a work or personal device.

We’ve already successfully launched MyHR to our Insurance colleagues back in March, but during October and November, we’ll be launching the system to the rest of the Co-op:

  • Thursday 5 October – Support Centre, CLS and all people managers
  • Monday 9 October – Funeralcare and Logistics
  • During November  – Food Stores

Our cutover period, where we switch off our current HR system, starts today, Wednesday 20 September, until the first go-live on 5 October. You won’t be able to make any changes in the system during this time.

The cutover checklist was issued to all people managers last month, so you should have already been preparing for this.

October payslips

The first payday on the new system for everyone will be 26 October – although this will be ‘behind-the-scenes’ for Food store colleagues until their launch at the end of October and into November.

Colleagues who currently get paper payslips will still get them until early 2018, as moving to electronic payslips will be phased.

Some colleagues may notice differences in their October payslips for a few reasons:

  • Colleagues on arrears pay will get their two ‘catch-up’ pay – you should already know about this from your colleague pack
  • Colleagues on the 1% minimum pension contribution will increase to 2% in October – letters are being sent to all impacted colleagues over the next week or so
  • Some colleagues may now qualify for a different rate of holiday pay – we’ve told you about this detail in your colleague pack

Accessing the system

If you don’t have a Co-op email address, you’ll need to let us know your preferred email address, so that we can send you your password for MyHR.


Support and guidance will be tailored to each business area, so look out for more information around the launch.

If you need any advice now, contact HR Shared Services on 0330 606 1011 or email us at

Sue Tunmore
HRD – HR Shared Services, Delivery & Ops

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  1. Is this happening for All Co-ops EOE for example as I know we are going to a new payroll system in October but there has not been a lot of info about this.

  2. When will the recruitment freeze be over – I am struggling with not being able to recruit anyone while the system is down for 3 weeks

    • Hi ‘Very busy and understaffed store manager’, as this is specific to your area you’ll need to discuss this with your line manager. If you need any further support after this please email details to Thanks, ^Sophie

    • Hi The “Freeze” will be over on Thursday 5 October for Support Centre, CLS and all people managers.

  3. Hi, i am confused! I have only ever used myHR so if i get these time log forms form the intranet for overtime where do they get sumbitted to?

  4. Hi , i have never used time logs via web forms for overtime before i have only used my HR. I am keeping a log on the stack it forms but where do i input the overtime once i have filled out the web forms on the intranet?

  5. When will food stores be able to update stuff as My team is closed and I need to update details of some leavers. Also the 2 weeks catch up pay what will this pay be based on?

  6. What’s the web address we need to put in to access the app on my phone please

  7. Hi,
    I have read that the Current pay-cycle means that our 4 week pay period ends two days after our pay day. I don’t understand how we can be paid for the two days after our pay day, as we obviously won’t have worked them, so how would anybody know the hours worked/ hols taken etc?

    I am presently on the arrears cycle and use a ‘chart’ off the Intranet, which shows me the dates taken into account for each pay day. How will I know which dates I am being paid for on the Current pay cycle after I have been paid on 26/10/17 please? Will the first day of the next four week period be 28th October, (ie two days after pay day, if I go by what I’ve asked in my first paragraph)?

    Sorry for the novel, but it’s quite confusing :-(.

    • The reason the “Current” pay cycle can pay you for the two days after you’ve been paid is because that 4 week period is for your Basic Contract Hours only. Your over-time / absences/ holidays are still 2 weeks behind.
      Eg. If your pay date is 23rd November this will include your actual shifts from 15th October till 11th November.
      It’s very convoluted & confusing but I hope this helps clarify. lol

  8. I work in the support centre, trying to log sickness and can only see my pay slips & P45!

    • Hi Dawn, To submit absences and over time between 14 September and 5 October, you need to
      submit absences or over time logs via web forms on Intranet, (search Fusion MyHR cutover). Make sure you complete forms each week as absences and over time will not carry over from one week to the next and be sure to keep a local log of these submissions as you’ll need them on 5 October to input into the new MyHR. You can download the stack it form for this local log on Intranet (search Fusion MyHR cutover). ^Catherine

  9. Are there going to be 12 paydays (monthly) or sticking to the existing system of 13 paydays?

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