Steve in the BBC Breakfast studio

This morning, Steve Murrells was on BBC Breakfast to talk about our Co-op difference and our interim results.

If you missed it, the video is below.

NOTE: we know you can’t view videos in store. Please either find this on BBC iPlayer or look on the colleague stories site via from any device. Or, download the transcript of Steve’s BBC breakfast interview.

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  1. I think the delivery drivers should be paid more and get rid of the 12 hr contracts and stop messing staff about some months we cant survive with the crappy wage we get at the end of the month!

  2. I think I’d be terrified to go on national TV!

    Well done to Steve. He doesn’t have to do it.

    Then again maybe he enjoys it.

  3. I wish colleagues would be a bit more professional and start using correct grammar and spelling. 🙂

  4. Want more sales? Invest in staff on the ground floor! You are cutting hours but leaving us doing the same job! We cant do everything ! Help us

  5. Well since the totally unprecedented screw up with the banking arm of the coop, we have been paying the price ever since,we were only hrs away from been shut down bankrupt ,since this revived coop has come in to place,you have sold of nearly everything,from the banks to farms,travel to pharmacies, our yearly bonus was reduced year on year then stopped,every year you make a statement saying how well the coop is doing we have had a bumper Christmas the tills we’re ringing,but when it comes to the stFf on the ground, store staff,transport delivery,wearhoise we are treated with disrespect,under inflation pay rises,long hrs without even a thank you,I’m afraid when you sold the units off the coop umbrella you also threw away your ethos of been an efficial company, unfortunately staff even though encouraged to talk back about the company unfortunately no one listens it’s become shameful

    • Hi Sean, Sorry you feel this way. Did you see our full blog post about interim results? It shows that we have a lot more active Members that have got behind our values and ethics. All of our businesses are reporting good performance and that’s what creates the value we can share with you. ^Sophie

      • but thats the point.

        the bussiness is doing well, no thanks to the hard work and unoaind hours food collegues put into the business.

        we can share what ever the business wants us too, but a nice thank you would be great

    • We might of well of taken a governement bail out out the time to prop up the bank, like the rest of them.
      no different to selling of anyway.

      maybe we could of kept our farms and other parts of the business.

      instead of us running ourselves into the ground for nothing

      • By the time The Co-operative Bank discovered it was in real trouble, the days of big gov bailouts were over.

        There are new rules that wind down banks rather than buy them out by taxpayers.

  6. All sounds good but for the fact that the Coop are outsourcing IT jobs to India under the guise of “augmenting”.

    • Hi Brian. I asked Simon Bourne our Chief Information officer in IT about this and he confirmed that over the last year our Shared Services IT team have moved about 20 roles that were being done by contractors to TCS, an external provider who already support us in Retail IT. That work continues and there are more roles that will move from being done by contractors to this provider, with some roles being done on site and some in India. No Co-op colleague jobs have moved to this provider. The purpose of using the provider is to reduce the number of contractors, allowing us to deliver value to our members.
      Hope that helps clear things up for you. ^Kevin

  7. I see two sides here. While great progress has been made in general, we still have areas that need to be worked on.
    Last year senior management made it clear they were unhappy with the increase in the minimum wage. That was not appropriate at all considering millions were being dumped into expanding the estate, which does not support the claims the increased costs in wages would bring forth the apocalypse.
    Of greater concern are the behind the doors activities. Such as the business trying to push forward with merging the clerical and management annual salary increase agreements into just one. So clerical staff can kiss goodbye to the equality of everyone getting the same union agreed annual increase. Instead its going to be dog eat dog. Which is appropriate for management as that’s just how their ecosystem works. However it is totally wrong to force this on clerical staff.

    • Hi Robbie. Thanks for your comments and glad you see the good progress and the difference we’re making.
      I’m not sure I’d put it that senior mgmt were unhappy about the minimum wage increases. Certainly its a very real challenge on operating profits but we’ve always been vocal about paying a fair wage – indeed before the legislation came in last year we were already paying above the minimum (if my memory serves me right!).
      On the merger of salary agreements – I can’t say I’m an expert on that activity so will highlight your comments to the right team – but equally, in Talkback some of the more in-depth reviews into comments and in focus groups we often find that colleagues feel aggrieved that those who aren’t necessarily pulling their weight are rewarded the same as those who are and even going above an beyond. An emotive issue I know, but having an element of performance related pay is very common (certainly across all the different places I’ve worked in my career). There are other colleagues commenting about having some sort of recognition that rewards their work when targets are met and exceeded… surely this is doing just that. Would hate to think of it as a dog-eat-dog mentality (certainly not appropriate for management or anyone – we’re all trying to do the same thing here). Everyone has different views, and as you mention the unions, I guess that’s what they’re trying to represent in any discussions.
      Thanks for sharing, ^Kevin

      • Kevin,

        I hear you abour PRP but when was the last time someone outside of manchester recieved it.

        Why cant our amazing food collegues get some kind of performance related pay.

        I dont know a nice bonus. that would be nice.

        We have some very succesfull stores, yet the manager gets all the reward, is that ethical.

  8. All sounds good, but they would really impress if they paid their employees a little more per hour..also known for not having enough staff in their stores thus making their existing staff lives thoroughly miserable and the same being over worked..profits are always fed to Management,no change there then.

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