Our policies around managing colleague health and absence have been updated. We’re also introducing a new mental health policy.

The new policies are:

  • Absence policy
  • Short-term sickness process
  • Ongoing absence process
  • Unauthorised absence policy (replaces AWOL policy)
  • Unauthorised absence process
  • Mental health policy (new)

They’ve been updated to:

  • Make it easier for you to find what you need
  • Highlight key process steps where relevant
  • Harmonise previously different versions for Group and Insurance colleagues

When do the changes happen?

Our new managing colleague health and absence policies are now live and can be found on the intranet and colleague website.

If you have any questions please contact your manager or ER Services.

We promised to update all our HR policies by the end of 2017 – around 60 altogether. This is the last policy release of the programme, so we’re pleased to confirm that all HR policies have now been updated.

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  1. I agree, David. Yes, we must admit that there are issues in some places which need addressing, but there is an awful lot of good going on across the business. 🙂

    Out of interest, and because I’d like to encourage my team to complete one, where is the Wellbeing Action Plan template?

  2. Well the mental health policy isn’t anything very exciting – it’s still a case of go to a GP, get a diagnosis and then we’ll respond to it. It’s just enough to keep senior managers out of jail.

    You might want to consider what part the business plays in creating conditions that lead to mental health diagnoses in the first place !

    You’re turning a blind eye to immense amounts of unpaid overtime routinely provided to the organisation by low-paid people who care deeply about the service they provide and go to great lengths to make things work at a personal cost to themselves.

    Let’s change that exploitative culture – then you can say you’re doing something meaningful about employee well being.

  3. I must say that I find the Coops absence and sickness policies to be the best and most colleague focussed that I have ever encountered.

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